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Shakira, Gerard Pique may take kids’ custody battle to court: Report

Shakira and Gerard Pique have failed to reach a settlement after breakup and it seems like they will take the battle to court.

The former couple are fighting over their kids, Sasha and Milan’s custody ever since they parted ways following their 12-year romance.

However, the negotiations between the Inevitable singer and the Barcelona player are not going well and the chances are that the high-profile exes will face each other in court.

Paparazzi Jordi Martin, who claims to be an expert on the former lovebirds’ life, said as per Socialite, “There is no regulatory agreement or any kind of agreement between Pique and Shakira.”

Martin said he has contacted one of the law firms involved and they have assured him that “there is no agreement” between Shakira and Pique for the time being.

It was previously reported that the Colombian singer wants to take her boys to Miami permanently while the footballer insists that they stay in Barcelona with him.

“Piqué is opposed [to the move] because his family roots, his friends and his activities are here and he is not going to go to Miami,” the journalist shared

“Shakira is really up against it because the children have already started the current school year,” he added.

Martin claims that if they ended up in court, Shakira’s chances of winning the case would be low as the children have lived their whole lives in Spain and can’t just leave their school education in the middle.

He went on to add that Shakira would have to wait at least a whole year before she could hope to take the children out of the country.

One thing that Martin is certain will happen is that “they will have to face each other in court” in case Shakira and Pique fail to sign an agreement. 

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