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Saboor Aly believes she is Pakistan’s Shahrukh Khan.

Saboor Aly is a fantastic actress with the ability to effortlessly inhabit any role. This is generally known since Saboor has been active in the theatrical industry for a long time and has achieved great success by persevering through various stages of her career. People adore Saboor, and she is one of the rare actors that tries to diversify her career by choosing different roles. She has played unconventional characters like Bubbly Badmash in Parizaad, as well as negative characters like the one she played in Fitrat and highly positive ones like the one she recently played in Mushkil.

What Saboor Aly is not praised enough for is her sense of humour. She was cast opposite Khushhal Khan in the recently concluded Mushkil and the chemistry between Sameen and Faraz caught all the eyes.

Saboor Aly Thinks She Is The Shahrukh Khan Of Pakistan

While giving an interview to Fuchsia, Saboor Aly said that she thinks she is the Shahrukh and Salman Khan of Pakistan.

Saboor Aly Thinks She Is The Shahrukh Khan Of Pakistan

Saboor revealed that Khushhal is five years younger than her and being cast opposite hi definitely felt like being a Bollywood Khan who are notorious to work with very young leading ladies. Khushhal is a newcomer in the industry and he has just started his career. People loved watching his pairing with Saboor.

Saboor Aly Thinks She Is The Shahrukh Khan Of Pakistan

This is how Saboor felt while starring with Khushhal:

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