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Meghan Markle’s ‘total meltdown’ ridiculed: ‘How dare you!’

Meghan Markle’s ‘total meltdown’ ridiculed: ‘How dare you!’

Meghan Markle is being accused of ‘having a total meltdown’ and ‘misunderstanding her entire podcast’ after being called out for her ‘diva’ antics.

This claim has been made by the Mail on Sunday’s editor-at-large Charlotte Griffiths.

She began by admitting to Palace Confidential, “I know, Meghan has misunderstood her own podcast.”

“Meghan spent the whole time going actually ‘diva’ is not a bad word and we should turn this around.”

“Then Mariah called her a ‘diva’ and she has a complete meltdown. How dare you call me a diva. It’s literally the entire point of her podcast.”

Ms Griffiths also went on to blasted Meghan Markle’s inability to “take any criticism, whatsoever.”

“She [then] went into post-production, sat down and recorded a whole new segment saying how offended she was, maybe a day later it would have a been recorded, maybe a week later. It goes to show [that] she doesn’t let things just go.”

This claim has come in reference to Meghan’s claims about her biracial identity on Archetypes.

At the time she claimed, “I mean, if there’s any time in my life that it’s been more focused on my race, it’s only once I started dating my husband.”

“Then I started to understand what it was like to be treated like a black woman, because up until then I had been treated like a mixed woman.”

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