Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 67 With English Urdu Subtitles Free


Kurulus Osman Episode 67 Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost TSeries.Pk | Watch Full HD Kurulus Osman Episode 67 English And Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 67 Urdu Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 67 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 67 Urdu & English Subtitles Free of Cost

Hello friends! Welcome to Tseries.PK The newly released trailer of the Kuruluş Osman series has added to everyone’s curiosity Every eye is now waiting for the new episode In which the details of great events will be shown Fans have long awaited

the downfall of these shrewd foes Who composed numerous accounts of persecution and brutality Osman Bey has conflicted with two significant states simultaneously On the one hand, fans are glad that two canines from these states have fallen into

the hands of Osman Bey On the other hand, everybody is considering the way in which Osman Bey will currently confront the response of these states what is happening will presently demonstrate that Osman Bey has the right to lay out his very own different condition

An extraordinary express that can contend with these two incredible powers Osman Bey will likewise declare it soon right now, two Seljuk rulers have come to come down on Osman Bey Everyone’s eyes are on the unpleasant manner of speaking between Osman Bey and Sultan Mesud The two have lived respectively on

the combat zone simultaneously Everyone is contemplating whether there will be a break in their relationship that won’t ever be filled And will Osman Bey presently face resistance from the Seljuks? Not just that, each episode of the trailer was loaded with interest But then, at that point, there was one more astonishment And out of nowhere

we saw Ömer Bey, the father of Malhun Hatun The trailer itself is proving to be full of surprises That the next episode will be great Everyone’s anxiety is growing And waiting for the episode is tiring them Everyone is waiting for this moment When these wonderful events will be presented on

the screen The following episode will be brimming with many shocks There is not even a shadow of a doubt But remember that this episode will make the heartbeat of the fans irregular So everybody needs to hold their heart to see these occasions This time both the trailers of the episode had created a ruckus on the screen

ho were loaded with interest and activity another person was additionally presented in both the trailers Some subtleties of which we have imparted to you In the present video we will likewise discuss why he went after Ömer Bey. Will he kill Ömer Bey? For what reason does Barkin Bey need to kill Eyvaz Bey like Ömer Bey?

Will Osman behead both Geyhatu and Alam Shah in front of Sultan Mesud? And from here a new war will begin Why are Geyhatu and Alam Shah are fighting? Why do they want to kill each other? We will also share the details of many important information in today’s video So you must watch the video till

the end And buy into our feed The dangerous episodes of the Kuruluş Osman series will before long hit the screens The unexpected episode is now demonstrating that it will prevail upon everybody

The phenomenal trailer recommends that the following episode will be an extraordinary work of art All eyes are currently on these interesting occasions Who have dazzled everybody with their trailers Alam Shah’s activities were presently driving the fans crazy And they were restless to see the end

At last that moment is approaching Everyone is relieved to see demons like Alam Shah and Geyhatu being humiliated in the tribe. But at the same time, the nefarious exploits of the new villain have begun We will describe all the events in detail But first let’s talk about Alam Shah and Geyhatu

How the two were gotten together Explain every one of the occasions all together We let you know that Osman would impede Alam Shah’s way and catch him And Geyhatu independently. The two were not caught from a similar area But then, at that point, everybody considers how the two clans have been united as a matter of fact,

Alam Shah will be caught first And it will be thrown into the same mud pit Where he captured the soldiers of Osman Bey Fans will surely be happy to see Alam Shah get the full answer for what he did After Alam Shah, Osman will capture Geyhatu and bring him there And just as was done with

the officers of Osman Bey It will be something very similar with these two awful evil individuals Like Alam Shah tormented Osman Bey’s warriors Osman will do likewise And the kayi clan will be welcomed like creatures with a weight on them That’s actually the thing they merited Even the fans are not happy with that

They simply need to see their heads executed The last scene of the trailer was comparable But it won’t be so natural Because as we said, the Sultan mesud is coming to save the two of them That happened What occurs next is likewise significant But the story before that is additionally fascinating We saw

the two fiends lying in the mud in the really tent Then after that they went after one another like canines. Everybody asks why Geyhatu and Alam Shah had such a tattle That would they say they is, were partners of one another Why did they do that? What’s more, became foes of one another’s lives

The truth of the matter is that they are very much aware of one another’s goals Geyhatu was, obviously, enrolling the assistance of Alam Shah But he realize that his eyes were on the Seljuk privileged position While Geyhatu needed to get the Ilkhani high position But assuming you recollect, Alam Shah needed to kill Geyhatu as per the arrangement of Güngör Bey

The fact is that the real faces of the two will be exposed in this tent They were only using others for their own purposes While they were also enemies to each other Only here, following the adage of making a donkey a father,

they were supporting one another And presently the two of them resemble jackasses It was Osman Bey who showed them the truth of one another That’s the reason the two are battling like canines Even Sultan Mesud can not stop Osman Bey

when all his secrets are revealed Because now the witness of Alam Shah’s nefarious intentions will be Geyhatu Which Sultan Mesud will believe Because he himself has worked on all the projects together with Alam Shah And then when Osman will be the one who throws the two wrongdoers out of the tent and blows their necks.

Then, at that point, there will be a section in the clan of Sultan Mesud And he might want to stop Osman Bey There will be a concise conversation between them Sultan Mesud might want to rebuff them But Osman Bey will never again face any challenges Especially on account of Alam Shah. King Mesud inquired as to whether

he could kill and rebuff the Minister of State That too when Sultan Mesud is there But presently Osman Bey won’t give him an opportunity Because assuming he left the despot here, how might he lay out equity? Whenever the Sultan demanded leaving Alam Shah and Geyhatu So Osman Bey offered just a single response To eliminate the cloak from your visually impaired eyes and let

the blood of the oppressors flow After that Osman Bey stepped towards Alam Shah And perhaps his head was also penned in the presence of Sultan Mesud It must have reminded you of something This is exactly the same scene of Diriliş Ertuğrul series Where Minister of State Sadettin Köpek came to

prevent Ertuğrul Bey from decapitating the slippery Gumestakin And what a great scene that was When Ertuğrul Bey cut his neck and requested that Saddatin Köpek take his pet canine. This time all that will be something similar But everybody is contemplating whether Sultan Mesud has come to the spot of a backstabber like Saddatin Köpek

The reason for showing this to Sultan Mesud is in fact to show the downfall of Seljuk state What is the significance of the Seljuk Sultan now? He has come to seek the good of traitors and oppressors Osman Bey will be beheaded Alam Shah But Geyhatu’s case is still complicated Because

it is sure that he won’t pass on So everybody is asking why Osman will deliver a dictator like Geyhatu Here we give you a model that once in the Diriliş Ertuğrul series, a comparable Mongol officer Noyan was given over to the state. Geyhatu won’t be returned with such ease here in actuality, Osman Bey will put a few circumstances on it That the

Mongols would be driven out of these lands And Osman Bey will not stand in the way In particular, with 20,000 servants, Geyhatu will have to return Which he had invited from Argun Khan Returning Geyhatu will save Sultan Mesud from the attacks and war of Argun Khan Because he is an ally of the Mongols Or to put it another way, he has become a thinner arm of the Mongols Coming to

the point that has overwhelmed everybody The job of the novice was not yet clear And in the primary trailer, everybody saw his shock But what occurred in the new trailer was inconceivable That Barkin Bay went after Ömer Bey in actuality, everybody believed that he had killed Ömer too The arrival of Ömer Bey was likewise an unexpected treat for everybody But assuming you recollect that, we let you know that at whatever point Ömer Bey was brought back So it will be brought for one or

two episodes And by killing him, his character will be destroyed The reason is that he is currently working on another series Destan Therefore, he will not be seen in the Kuruluş Osman series for long Barkin Bay may have attacked Ömer Bey in an inn Think about the reason So it is possible that he will punish Ömer

Bey provided that he is a partner of Osman Bey Maybe he needs to prevail upon Ömer Bey But he might have done as such due to his refusal Because all things considered, Barkin Bay has a place with an insubordinate clan, the Karamanoğulları or the Germiyanoğulları. So the two of them are against Osman Bey and the Seljuks While they have likewise revolted Maybe he is attempting to carry his clan with him by coming down on Ömer

Bey too But his attack on Ömer Bey made it very clear That he would be the enemy of Osman Bey Let’s talk about Ömer Bey whether he will be killed here So as we said he has come for a very short time then he is destined to die But when he was brought to the Malhun woman Maybe then he will be alive

But no one will know who did this to Ömer Bey And since Barkin Bay probably wants to kill another Turk leader whose name he named Eyvaz Bey This may be because he is fighting these Turkish chiefs Who are denying him Which scene in the trailer surprised you all? Be sure to let us know in the comments box Like and share the video See You Soon!

Kurulus Osman Episode 67 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 67 In English Subtitle

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