Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With English Urdu Subtitles Free


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Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With English Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Hello Friends! Welcome to T-Series The series of brilliant episodes of Kuruluş Osman series continues In this race of historical series, Kuruluş Osman series was seen to have many successes The historical record-breaking series is facing huge objections from fans This is because of the lack of historical events in the series Rather, tampering with historical characters is a major reason for fans to be annoyed, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

The issue of characters coming and going this season is not being resolved The character is brought to historical form in the series And when he leaves, everything is put to an end by calling it a hoax Such incidents have confused the fans a lot After such teasing with the characters of konur and Akca, now the same thing happened with Saltuk. However, the decision regarding the historical role of Turgut could not be properly accepted by the fans Now, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

on the declining ratings of the series, perhaps Kuruluş Osman’s team is going to take some big action Fans are waiting to see what a great surprise the Kuruluş Osman series will offer The non-release of the trailer is forcing the fans to think in different directions Now the news is circulating that the end of this season is near And in this case, the trailer of the new episode has not been released In today’s video we will talk about whether the third season of Kuruluş Osman series is really coming to an end, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Talk about how many episodes are left this season? And will the season now see a long time gap with tremendous shocks? Which actors will play the role of Alauddin Ali and Orhan? When will the conquest of İnegöl Castle and the death of Nicola be seen? Is the Mongols returning to the series? And we will share the details of many important things in today’s video Must watch this video till the end And subscribe to our channel The Kurulus Osman series has started a new debate by not releasing the trailer this time Earlier, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

rumors of the end of the season were circulating And now there are various claims being made about the time gap in the season In these circumstances, the fans are looking quite confused And want to know what’s going to happen next Is all this news true? Even before this, the trailers of Kurulus Osman series have been delayed This is nothing new The reasons for this controversy are connected with the story of the previous episode The episode ended calmly, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

And there was no suspense And then the trailer didn’t come out As if the story is over Interest in the series seemed to be waning But it may be the silence before the storm And there’s a big surprise in the series That being said Let’s take a look at this surprise So at the moment there is no possibility of any surprise other than the time gap Because the season has not had a time gap since the beginning So this break is expected in the series right now There are some special reasons to talk about them, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

The first story is like this No major historical battles became part of the series And the Byzantine fortress was now easily conquered Historical battles and events usually get the attention of fans And now the series has dealt with all the events of the story at once Enemies were eliminated in the series Arius disappeared Kosis has become Osman Bey’s partner The Mongols have already left Gungur Bey is also missing Only Nicola exists And the arrival of the Belcik governor is being predicted, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Kurulus Osman Episode 90

The last episode saw a big deal There was a long peace treaty between the two great powers In this agreement, Osman Bey fulfilled all its major conditions And Sultan Masud was not allowed to interfere Therefore, Osman cannot take the initiative for non-war But Nicola is going crazy But at the moment no one can do anything Therefore, possibilities are being shown That time gap will come up After which this peace agreement will be broken And with Nicola, more dangerous enemies will appear in the series, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

If ten years pass, the victory of Inegol will be near And there will be fierce clashes between Osman Bey and Nikola Osman Bey’s two sons will grow up a little Now everyone is wondering who will play the role of these two children There is no need to think too much We have already seen a glimpse of these children in the form of Malhun Hatun’s dream In which Alauddin Ali and Orhan were shown These children will now play the role of Orhan and Allauddin According to the latest news, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Yaman Cinar who is seen as Aladdin in this dream, shared some pictures. Which was close to the set of Kurulus Osman series In recent days, such images have been estimated Maybe he will appear on the screen soon The series will have to show a gap of about ten years when it arrives In which the time of peace agreement has passed And both rivals must have been well prepared Let’s talk about end of the season So all of a sudden the news started circulating that the next episode will be the last episode of the season, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 Urdu

We know very well that the season cannot end suddenly All these rumors were false There is still a long way to go before the end of the season The season usually ends in June with the Kurulus Osman series And then in late September or early October I see the beginning of it There are about two months left So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange The season is almost two months away At the end of this season, a century of episodes of Kurulus Osman series is likely to be completed Season two episodes can end back and forth, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

But there is still time So stay calm And enjoy the wonderful historical series Because the story of the series is going to change drastically in the coming days Many questions have been raised about Nicola’s death and Inegol’s victory We have talked about this many times But since the end of the season So it is very important to mention the victory of Inegol The main reason for this is that Inegol Castle and Nicola have been part of the series since the beginning of the second season, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 English

And yet Osman Bey has not been able to get it Fans wonder why Nikola’s demise is not being shown In fact, they were brought out ahead of time Therefore, it is not possible to eliminate them out of date Many historical requirements must be met before the conquest of Inegol This victory took place in 1299 But the series historically dates back to the 1290s. In 1291, Geyhatu ascended the Mongol throne. While this has not happened in the series yet That is, the series is even behind this era Even with the advent of the time gap, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

this victory of Inegol seems a bit far-fetched But historical differences alone are not the only obstacle to Inegol’s victory We have repeatedly told you that there will be Yarhisar and a Belcik victory before Inegol Orhan Bey will also marry Nilufer, the daughter of the governor of Yarhisar That is to say, Orhan’s being young is also a condition However, even with the time gap of ten years, the ear will still look quite small It remains to be seen how the Kurulus Osman series team will handle all these issues, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

And how all these events will be presented on the screen without disturbing the historical event Fans of Nikola’s death have been waiting for a long time But remember that he will die on the victory of Inegol not before You will remember last season’s finale In which Nikola was tragically defeated And he had fled the battlefield But he did not die, nor did Inegol win This season too, such tangled events are likely to unfold Turgut will play a key role in the elimination of Nikola Now the possibilities are being shown, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

That Nikola’s death would be at the hands of Turgut Bey Many questions have been asked about the return of the Mongols to the series Because in the last episode, Arius raises questions in the minds of everyone about the Mongols. At his mention, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

everyone wondered if the Mongols were returning The return of the Mongols is not possible this season He said the Mongols were advancing on Jerusalem Or they may not be going that far But the Mongols will definitely come out next season Be sure to let us know in the comments how long you’ve been waiting to see Inegol’s victory Like and share the video See You Soon! Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 Urdu Subtitles 

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 English Subtitles

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