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‘Hannah Montana’ actor Jason Earles fan moment with GOT 7’s Jackson

GOT7’s Jackson’s fans get surprised when Jason Earles also shows up to the fan meet and greet session

Hannah Montana star Jason Earles enjoyed his fan moment with GOT7’s  Jackson Wang at Jackson’s fan meeting session which became a double surprise for the fans.

Jason Earles is widely known for his hit Disney Channel classics with his brother’s role in Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana being the most popular one.

Following the release of his new solo album Magic Man on September 11, Jackson Wang had arranged a fan meeting session for his fans to purchase his album and take pictures with him.

The session was also broadcasted live Instagram through which netizens immediately recognized Jason Earles on the spot, being surprised to see the celebrity attending the Jackson’s session as a fan.

According to Koreaboo, Jason Earles was holding his own fan meeting session outside when he came to meet Jackson and too by following the protocols and waiting in the line like other fans.

Fans saw him waiting for his turn with his wife Katie Drysen, and friends. 

It was lucky day for the fans who got to meet both of celebrities at one price.

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