Destan Episode 9 in English & Urdu Subtitles free


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Destan Episode 9 in English & Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 9 in English & Urdu Subtitles free Of Cost

In Destan Episode 9, Danis tells that Khan went to the mountain without telling anybody. Ece is exceptionally irate with regards to the present circumstance, and yet, Gunseli comes and says that she harmed Tutkun. Temur quickly goes to the horse shelter and really looks at Tutkun. Mei says she will give the remedy however for certain conditions. Ece quickly acknowledges Mei’s conditions for Colpan to help Alpagu. Colpan discovers that Tutkun has been harmed and begins to contend with Ece.

Temur flees from the royal residence with Tutkun and this drives Mei exceptionally mad. Temur rides with Turkun. Akkiz says that all will be great soon and it is great that Batuga doesn’t wed Kircicek. Akkiz then, at that point, takes Batuga to Tilsim’s burial chamber. Batuga converses with his mom and starts to cry. Kircicek sees that Batuga can really talk and subtly gets back to the castle. At the point when Alpagu draws close to the burial chamber, Akkiz becomes furious with him and requests that he carry on like Khan once more.

Kircicek says she will tell all that Balamir did in kind for wedding Batuga. Because of casting a ballot, Balamir is chosen as the new Khan. While Balamir is praising the political decision result, Alpagu comes and assaults him. Balamir says Alpagu can’t kill the new Khan. Danis stops Alpagu and says he will be rebuffed for assaulting the Khan. Batuga acknowledges Kircicek’s proposition. Then, at that point, Kircicek gets back to the gathering and says that her dad put out a snare for Alpagu at the hunting celebration.

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