Destan Episode 7 in English And Urdu Subtitles free


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Destan Episode 7 in English And Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 7 in English And Urdu Subtitles free of Cost

Destan Episode 7 Overview love affair between the legendary warrior Akiz and Gok Tegini Batuga, who became the corps of Gok Kagan Korkat Khan on the hard steps of Central Asia, Korkat Khan has been orphaned in Takht Gok Mahal. This is to get the word of their love by using the swords and hearts of these two strange birds as shields.

Wife of Ulu Ece Alpagu Han, mother of Batuga’s older brothers. She is not only the wife of Turk Khan but also the daughter of Russian Varangin Kanisi. Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı – Balamir Bag Balmir Baig, brother of Alpago Khan, uncle of Batuga, Yabgo of Western Gok Khante. کنبولات گورکم ارسلان – Brave warrior of the Saltuk Beg Gok Khante, Yasval of Alpago Khan. Ipek Karapinar – Colpan Hatun Alpago Khan, chief of the Gok Khan hill tribes, was exiled by Akiz K. Khan. Han is a very ambitious, very patient woman whose heart is hardened.

Elf Dogan – The daughter of Tutkun Dağ Khanate who was raised to overthrow Gök Khanate. A beautiful, determined, ambitious, dedicated climber. Burke Burke Eagle – Kaya Tegin Batuga’s older brother, Alpago, is from Han, and the great Tegin Olu was born to him. Heir to the throne. The brain of the sky. Burke Tozkoparn – Timur Tegin Batuga’s second older brother, Alpago Khan, was born in the middle of the Tegin Olu Ece. The sword of heaven. Destan Episode 7

Just Merrill – dear winter friend Akkız … She is a faithful, loving climber whose heart is bigger than her brain and who gave her heart to her fianc Yaman. Ahmed Olgan Sunir – Yemen The brave and courageous warrior of the mountain, who has a lot of winter, is the companion of Akiz’s soul.

Destan Episode 7 Urdu Ecem Sena Bayir – Günseli Hatun’s wife Stone. Unlike her husband, she is a very warm-blooded, very sociable woman. But unreliable. Isra Click – Me Jin Emperor’s daughter, Timur’s wife. A Chinese princess was raised by Tiazo, an adviser to the Chinese emperor, to conquer the heavenly realms from within. Information Aydogmus – Kırçiçek Balamir’s only son, Alpagu Khan’s nephew, Batuga’s spokesman, damaged the Skybike. Osman Al-Barak – Vargi Beg Yaswal of Western Gok Khanat. Upper Layout –

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Destan Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles

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