Destan Episode 26 Urdu And English Free Of Cost


Now Watch And Download Destan Episode 26 Urdu And English Subtitles Free Of Cost | Destan Episode 26 English | Destan Episode 26 | And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Destan

Destan Episode 26 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 26 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Greetings, Friends! Welcome to, Batuga and Akkz set out in Urdu with Arçuray’s assignment in Destan Episode 26 to crown Ulu Kam Esrigün for safety. Akkz and Batuga, who were surprised pointing at each other when they arrived to Esrigün Kam’s tent, tied a bandage and announced their partnership through Esrigün Kam. Destan Episode 26

What impact would our loved ones’ new situation have in Gok Surrey? Will you be able to find love this time? The Itbarks broke into the Sky Palace, killed Gokbin, and set fire to the plants they had prepared, filling Alpago Khan’s, Timur’s, and Kaya Teguns’ apartments with smoke. What will happen to Alpago Han, Timur, and Kaya, and what will become of them? Destan Episode 26

Who has escaped the haze? While Gok Khante’s descendants will either be spared from this assassination attempt or will pay the price in gloves. Itbarks, who had come to the palace to claim Barak Khan’s throne, defeated Alpago Khan, Timur, and Kaya Teguns at their new game. In the new game of Atbarx, Alpago Han is dealing with two setbacks, including the curse of chaperone poison. Destan Episode 26

Destan 26th episode In the Urdu subtitles, Khan will either crown Ober for the sake of his children’s lives, or he will sacrifice his own and his sons’ lives for the cause of the Turkish nation. Will Akiz and Batuga’s plan to end the curse succeed in the middle of this impasse? Destan Episode 26

Ober also lost the ambush for himself, as if that wasn’t bad enough. Batuga, whom he had nurtured and abandoned, emerged as a terrifying two-headed wolf, terrifying all Itbarks. What would be the new plans for Ober’s crown in the Urdu subtitles Dastan Episode 26, who lost the battle after wounded Ober with Batuga’s dagger? Batuga, the reincarnated Akiz, Alpago Khan, and Timur saved the double-headed wolf. Kaya Tegins is a member of Itbaraks. But what will Batoga do about Gok’s announcement? Destan Episode 26

Destan Episode 26 Urdu And English

Tengri in the role of Gok Khante. Is it necessary for Urdu to match expectations in Watan Episode 26? Will Batuga, who was given the name Tagin in order to unite the Turks, be able to restore Gok Horda’s old dominance and wrest control of the western sky from Atbarks? Olu Ece, who put his life on the line for Gunsley, witnessed an unexpected reaction from him and found himself in the middle of it. What fresh tricks will Ulu Ece employ now that he has fled the dungeon thanks to Alpago Han’s offer of collaboration while imprisoned? In Dastan Palace, will old friendships or new enmities be formed?

Saltuk and Kolpan crashed with Atbariks as they entered the Sky Palace. However, Skyhard’s Yasuolo Saltok was shot in the back by Atbariks. Çolpan How to exact vengeance on Han Itbaraks. Saltok, who had lost his sweetheart and couldn’t find her in the glove. After hearing the news of his family’s demise, Mei Jin falls in love with Timur. As a result, he rescued Akiz and worked with him. Will Mei Jin, who was a crucial player in the Uber ambush to win Timur’s love, be able to win Timur’s love, which she learnt to live from? Will their marriage be a political union or will it result in the birth of a home? Destan Episode 26

Kaya walks into Ober’s tent and starts yelling at him in the previous episode. Kaya’s announcement is heard by Alpago and Timur. Kaya accuses Ober of betraying his word and informs him of Barak’s throne. Inside the palace, one of the security guards locks Akis in his room. I saved Akiz by betraying this soldier. The labor tent home was entered by Kozo and the troops. Kozo was caught by Colpin, who inquired about his arrival. Kozo tells Colpin a lie, but Kama believes it is unethical. Kozo expresses his desire to return Batoga to the palace. Destan Episode 26

Batuga will remain in the tent until he heals, according to Colpin. Akiz inquires as to why she is assisting. Mei recalls Timur’s death with fondness, despite her fear. Timur is alive, according to Akiz, and May may be content. Batuga claims to be Alpago’s son and claims to have handed on the military victories to the Turks. Ober returned to the West House to resume his normal routine. Alpago holds his son after the war and thanks God for his blessings. Destan Episode 26

Destan Episode 26 English

Batoga will heal, according to Kam, and he and Akiz will become a brave two-headed wolf. This fortnight, Alpago returns to the palace. The town’s residents are ecstatic to learn about Khan. Alpago addresses those that enter the magnificent castle’s courtyard. Alpago assures Kam that Batuga is fine and requests that he speak with him. God gives the Turks one last chance, according to the work. Batoga will aid the Turks with the assistance of Akiz, according to the task. Destan Episode 26

The sorcerer claims that he must make a sacrifice for God’s sake. Alpago tells his son a story after remembering his crown. According to Alpago, all Turks must band together against the enemy. What will Alpago’s next move be? What will they do with their authority in order to save the well? What is the threat to the throne? Will Batoga be able to take the throne? How will he handle the Crown Prince’s responsibilities? Destan Episode 26

It was normal to return the gold if the two didn’t match, and any man or woman of marriageable age might buy it – even if it came from another village. Herodotus is fascinated by Egyptian conduct when it comes to animals. Each animal in Egypt has its own individual keeper. They might be either males or females, and their children will learn to care for the same creatures. The punishment for willfully killing an animal is death. If it was an accident, the pastor is free to impose any punishment he sees fit. Destan Episode 26

If a fire ever broke out, heavenly control would subdue the nearby cats. The Egyptians had to take to the air from time to time to keep the cat safe, but if the fire continued to burn, the cats would jump out and dash into the flames, leaving the Egyptians in misery. Everyone in the family would shave their brows if their cat died of natural causes, but if the dog died, you would shave your entire body and head. Many creatures lived in Egypt, according to Herodotus. Destan Episode 26

Destan Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles

Despite the fact that he clearly never saw some of them. “Four-footed oxen’s hooves, a blunt snout, a horse-like mane, large fangs, and a horse’s tail,” he says of a hippopotamus. It creates a lot of noise. This is perhaps one of Herodotus’ most famous “tales,” yet if a lady became ill, the woman closest to her was slain. When one reached old age, which was not common, it was a shock.

On them, sacrifices and feasts were performed. Unlike Padai, Indians do not eat any live things and only eat grass. These Indians lived a lifestyle similar to that of the Bactrians, and they were the most belligerent, traveling out into the arid deserts to collect gold. Destan Episode 26

These enormous ants, which are larger than foxes but smaller than canines, reside in the desert. These ants reside in sand dunes, just like the ants of Greece, but these dunes contain gold, therefore the Indians harvest sand by riding camels. Destan Episode 26

Destan Episode 26 Engglish Subtitles

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