Destan Episode 22 Urdu And English Free Of Cost


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Destan Episode 22 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 22 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Hello viewers! We welcome you to to keep up to date with the latest developments in the Kurulus osman series. Following the new trailer, the last episodes of this season have been hinted at. Seeing the conquest of inagol fort up close refreshed the faith. On the one hand, the enemy was constantly shooting arrows. On the other hand, osman Bay was moving forward without caring for his life. Once osman broke the gate of the inagol fort and entered the fort, then Nikola’s neck would be severed from his body. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

With the death of Nikola, the fortress of inagol will be conquered. Now there is no reference in history to who killed Nikola. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Nikola. Because Turgut Alp played a key role in the conquest of inagol Fort. Some historians even write that Nikola himself embraced death on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. Given the differences in history, there is a good chance that Nikola’s death will be seen at the hands of osman Bay. osman Bay who for years had dreamed of conquering inagol Fort.

inagol was the fort which no one could stop osman Bay after its conquest. osman Bay waved the Turkish flag over the Byzantine forts one after another. Be it Byzantine or Mongol, everyone was dusted by osman Bay. It was osman Bay’s passion that osman Bay was a wall of lead ply even in the face of the greatest enemy. osman Bay also taught his soldiers to always fight for the supremacy of the religion of Allah. After osman Bay became the leader, he held the hand of justice in such a way that people from far and wide started joining the ranks of osman Bay. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

Now, after the conquest of inagol Fort, the first bricks will be laid for the foundation of the empire. osman Bay’s worst enemy will end up conquering inagol Fort. Once Nikola’s death, the whole of Rome will tremble with fear of osman Bay. Because inagol Fort is a very important fortress for the Byzantines. Romanos, the new commander who had just come to Nicola’s aid, could have called in troops from Rome to help. But osman Bay has a strong siege outside inagol Fort. osman Bay has also come this time with full preparation. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

Because many times before, when osman Bay was close to conquering inagol Fort, osman Bay’s plan failed. But this time around, none of Nikola’s plans will work. Although Nikola’s troops would be able to hold back the victory for a few days, they would eventually be defeated. Turgut Alp’s entry is the last chance in the series. Because if Turgut Alp has not been entered in the series yet, then Turgut Alp will never be entered again. And it is to be hoped that some help will come to osman Bay for the conquest of inagol Fort in the series. Because one day osman Bay may have to step back. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

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Destan Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles

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Nikola also has a lot of ammunition in the castle. And Nikola will do his best to defeat osman Bay. When osman Bay came to besiege the inagol fort, he met Nikola. Where was osman Bay telling Nicola to either leave inagol without a fight? Or we will conquer the inagol fortress with battle and destruction. Nikola who is not ready to give up under any circumstances. Nikola will now try to defeat osman Bay with a fight. But defeating osman Bay will now be Nikola’s dream. osman Bay will now return to the tribes with the conquest of inagol fort. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

There will be many testimonies where osman will return victorious. osman Bay’s elder brother Gunduz Bay will be martyred on the occasion of conquest of inagol fort. Earlier, the martyrdom of Savchi Bay had saddened all the fans. Now our favorite Gundoz Bay will leave us forever and make us sad. Now let’s move on to some more important questions in the video. Let’s talk about who will be the martyr of Gunduz Bay? When will Romanos and Nikola die? Why can’t osman Bay conquer inagol Fort right now? What important steps is Nikola to take to protect inagol Castle? Destan Episode 22 Urdu

How will Barkin Bay help Nikola? When and how will Barkin Bay’s betrayal be exposed? When will osman Bay conquer Yarhsar fort along with inagol fort? Which new characters are joining the series? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding with the video If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you will be the first to get all the news related to Kurulus osman. The most powerful episodes of the Kurulus osman series continue. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

The trailer of the new episode is being praised everywhere after the great trailer came out. The topic of the conquest of inagol Fort, which has been under discussion for a long time. osman Bay who along with Turgut Bay and the rest of the soldiers started the siege of inagol fort. The conquest of inagol Fort will not be as easy as the rest of the forts. The siege of inagol Fort will continue for many days. In the new trailer we also saw that in the light of the first day, shells were rained down from the magicians. And then in the dark of night, the walls of the inagol fort were shelled. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles

Then we saw Turgut Bay and osman Bay breaking down the gate of inagol Fort. One thing that everyone seems to be asking again and again is whether inagol Fort will be conquered in the coming episode. viewers’ answer is that in the coming episode, inagol Fort will not be conquered under any circumstances. Because some important historical characters are yet to be entered in the series. It would be a great historical mistake to conquer inagol Fort without the entry of important historical figures. Historically, the siege of inagol Fort lasted for several days. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

And it is not possible for a strong fort like inagol to be easily conquered. Because there will be a lot of evidence on this occasion. Even before the victory, when arrows were fired from the roof of the fort, many of osman Bay’s soldiers would be martyred. Apparently, after the attack of day and night, now osman Bay has reached the gates of inagol fort. And osman Bay, along with his soldiers, is constantly trying to break down the gates of inagol. viewers osman Bay will not be able to enter the inagol fort on this occasion. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

Because we know very well that Kurulus osman’s team always seems to surprise on important occasions. And now that the important phase of this season is going on, you will definitely see a big surprise here. If we talk about why osman Bay will not be able to enter the inagol fort on this occasion? So viewers would be the biggest reason for that. Because Barkin Bay’s betrayal has not yet come to light. And a traitor who has done a lot of harm to osman Bay. It is the duty of osman Bay to take off the neck of such a traitor. And Barkin Bay will now thwart osman Bay’s important plans with his evil tricks.

Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles

In just one scene of the new trailer, we were able to see Barkin Bay. But Barkin has not been seen since. He will co-operate fully with Nikola to end the siege of inagol Fort. osman Bay has closed all roads leading to inagol Fort. osman Bay will not allow any outside help to reach the inagol fort. Nikola will not give up so easily. On the contrary, osman Bay will have to take down Nikola’s neck to conquer the inagol fort. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

After Nikola’s death, inagol Fortress will be conquered. And then osman will take a step towards establishing a kingdom. If osman continues to conquer like this, he will soon succeed in establishing an empire. You can ask any question related to viewers kurulus osman series in the comment box. Destan Episode 22 Urdu

Destan Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles

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