Destan Episode 20 Urdu And English Free Of Cost


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Destan Episode 20 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 20 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Hello viewers! Welcome to with another new video from Destan. By the grace and mercy of Allah, a new era has started in Destan series. Preparations have been completed to present the story of the series on screen after a gap of ten years. After the release of the trailer of the new episode, it has been confirmed that the next episode will be aired on time. After watching the great trailer, now the wait of the fans has increased even more.

The new trailer revolves around osman Bay and his brave sons orhan and Allauddin Ali. The Ottoman Empire’s magnificent training scene is shown. Destan is telling his two sons about the purpose of annihilating the infidels and reaping the victories. In the opening scene of the trailer, we see Destan standing on a hill with his sons orhan and Allauddin. Pointing to the front, osman Bay said, “Sons, that is the inagol fort in front of you.” Then Destan said that Bursa is beyond inagol and Constantinople is beyond Bursa. orhan and Allauddin were looking very excited.

When osman Bay said that the whole world is beyond Constantinople. Adding to your information, it should be noted that it was the effect of Destan training that Bursa became the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The viewers series has been extended with a ten-year time jump. Where we have seen that the costumes and appearance of the characters have also changed. The life of any human being is nothing but a purpose. If a person associates his life with a purpose, not a single moment of his life is wasted. osman Bay also told orhan and Allauddin that this is the only goal that moves us forward, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

osman Bay’s main goal was to defeat the infidels and to claim great victories. Destan asked orhan, “Son, what is the purpose for which we are living?” So orhan gave a very beautiful answer saying that Baba our goal is to unite all Muslims under one flag. Then osman Bay asked Alauddin Ali, “Son, what is our purpose?” So Alauddin, showing the effect of his excellent training, replied, “Our aim is to raise the voice of the word.” That is, the only purpose of our life is to follow the ways taught by Allah and His Messenger, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Alauddin Ali who is the son of a Bala hatun. And historically, Alauddin was the only son of the Bala hatun. And Alauddin was trained by his grandfather Sheikh Adabali. Therefore, he took the responsibility of the supremacy of religion. While orhan, like his father osman Bay and his mother Malhan hatun, conquered many areas with the sword. osman Bay also said that the establishment of a glorious empire requires scholars and brave warriors. Allauddin, with his intellectual abilities, fully supported orhan, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

If osman Bay had to face any major issue, he would come to ask Sheikh Adabali for a solution. In the same way, Allauddin will tell orhan the solution to the problems that arise in the affairs of the state. History has shown that orhan Ghazi and Allauddin had a very good relationship. Arhan was more interested in political affairs. Because orhan spent most of his time with his mother, MalhanKhatun. osman Bay, while training his children, also said that son, we will not leave any oppressed person behind, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

The end of the oppressors will be in our hands. osman Bay said that neither our journey nor our wars will end. Son, as long as we have our breath left, we will be seen running horses. As we move forward in the video we take a look at the awesome scenes in the trailer. Who is the Byzantine princess that orhan and Alauddin saved? Holofira, daughter of viewers Yarhasar Fort Governor, was also expected to enter the series. Because Princess Holofira will be the fiance of the newly arrived Bileciek castle Tekfor, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Share some more interesting historical information with you. Princess Holofira later converted to Islam and was named Nilufar Hatun. Nilufer Khatun was the first wife of orhan Ghazi. Nilufer and orhan’s wedding story is very interesting. The Bileciek castle hosts the wedding of Princess Holofira and the Governor of Bileciek. Princess Holofira’s father osman Bay is also invited to the wedding. The governor of Yarhassar and the governor of Bileciek have planned to celebrate the wedding by removing osman Bay, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

But fortunately osman Bay finds out about his plan through his spies. osman Bay then besieges Bileciek with his son orhan and other soldiers. And the princess catches Holofira. After that, Princess Holofira converts to Islam, and Holofira thus becomes Nilufer’s hatun. Nilufer hatun has two sons, Sultan Murad I and Sulyman, of orhan Ghazi. orhan emerges in front of the Anatolian and Seljuk states. Then neither Mongols nor Byzantines will be seen on these lands in comparison to the Turks, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Now the preparations for the conquest of inagol Fort will begin. In those ten years, many more soldiers must have joined osman Bay’s army. At the same time, some soldiers will leave the series. And some important characters will leave us on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. We will also be able to see the entry of five to six new characters in the upcoming episode of the series. The characters include a Byzantine princess and a new Bileciek Tekfor. On the other side, you will also find the entry of Akitmure, son of Gunduz Bay, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Destan Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

The Punjab University was formally established on 14 October 1882 with the first meeting of the Punjab University at Shimla. It was the founding university of the Colonial Awami Party in the Indian subcontinent. Click on the transformation of the first three universities established by the early settlers in Garh Bomb, Madrasa. Punjab University came into existence after the War of Independence of 1857 as a result of long struggle of the people of Punjab. Different from the earlier three established universities, which were only examination institutions, both Punjab University, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

The support of Dr. G. Leitner of this university, an enlightened Hungarian and by nature the Muslim League, is important. He became its first registrar, Professor AC Wolner, who was vice-chancellor of the university from 1928-1936, and played a key role in its development. His statue is still in front of the Allama Iqbal Campus of the University, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Akitmure, son of Gunduz Bay, will also be martyred in the same season. While the character of Gunduz Bay will also be martyred on the occasion of inagol fort. At the same time, many soldiers of osman Bay will also be martyred on the occasion of inagol Fort. 25 episodes of Kurulus osman Season 3 have been aired. After airing 25 episodes, time jump has been taken in the series. So it is possible that ten more episodes will be seen now. If we talk about the character of Kosis and Turgat Bay. It is possible that the character of Kosis has become Muslim, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Destan Episode 20 English Subtitles

Because Kosis has been supporting osman Bay for a long time. Therefore, there is a good chance that Kossis will be a Muslim when he is shown in the series. While Turgat Bay along with osman Bay will conquer inagol fort. Weavers In the new trailer we saw the bala hatun and the malhun hatun as well as the selcan hatun. Ten years later, the Selcan hatun is now seen with a cane. It looks like the series will say goodbye to the series until the end of this season. While the viewers have seen changes in character, many tribes may have come to osman Bay.

Until independence in 1947, the Punjab University catered to the educational needs of a vast region of the subcontinent. The partition of the subcontinent reduced the geographical boundaries of the university to some extent. However, for many years after independence, it still covers large areas, including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Later, new universities were established in the country to share the responsibility of providing higher education in the country, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Due to the migration of non-Muslim teachers and scholars at the time of independence, the power of the university faculty was greatly diminished. The full functioning of the university was restored, mainly due to the efforts of eminent academics like Dr. Omar Hayat Malik, who became the first Vice Chancellor after independence. Immediately after independence, new educational programs and departments were started, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Destan Episode 20 English Subtitles

We will see many new enemies and friends of Destan in the time to come. But now the series of Destan ‘s conquests has begun. So soon osman will conquer inagol fort. And after that you will see the conquests of Bursa after Bileciek and iznik. Viewers: You must tell us in the comment box how you like the explosive entry in the series of characters of Arhan and Allauddin, Destan Episode 20 Urdu

Destan Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 20 English Subtitles

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