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Hello Friends! Welcome to T-Series Destan Episode 16 is being talked about all over the world Its success has caused a stir Everyone is just praising this historical series The great action and suspense of the series touches the hearts of the fans Everyone enjoys the wonderful series and demands a lot Sometimes they have to see something new in the story of the series And sometimes there is an emphasis on bringing historical characters to light Every day a new topic comes up from Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

the fans Thus the episode of this wonderful series is presented on the screen after a week But throughout the week, the series has been the talk of the fans There is a lot of discussion about the new surprises to come Even after a long wait of a week, the fans are excited There is not the slightest reduction in their interest It’s all because of amazing story That he has attached fans to himself The sudden change of story in the last episode brought out the overwhelming reaction of the fans Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Many people liked it a lot So some people objected to that These changes in the story point to a new era Which, of course, will be outstanding Everyone is involved in many incidents at the moment And their minds are full of questions In today’s video we will talk about answering some curious questions What would be Cornelia’s next step? Has she succeeded in this or will anyone doubt it? Has Ahmed Alp lost his role in the series? Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Why can’t Osman Bey besiege the İnegöl Fortress yet? This is what Osman Bey wants to conquer first When will this success be achieved? Why has kayi Alp been brought back? We will share the details in today’s video, so you must watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel The Kurulus Osman series is enough to make everyone’s heart beat faster One of its actions adds to everyone’s curiosity Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

The hidden secrets of the episode and the introduction of new characters increase the anxiety of the fans At the moment the story is at a very interesting juncture Where the eyes of the fans are fixed on the upcoming events Everyone wants to know where these great events will turn out Cornelia’s betrayal was a shock to all But his first step was so dangerous that everyone was shocked By killing Mari, he not only saddened the fans but also caused a stampede in the tribe Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 16 In Urdu

And there was a commotion that upset everyone All eyes are now on this treacherous Cornelia How long will she be caught? And who will know his intentions? Now many precautionary measures will be taken in the tribe And kayi women will be seen doing a lot of research on this Cornelia who took a dangerous step in the last episode And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes And it will cause more trouble in the tribe

He may be working with Selvi Hatun and Barkin Bey on the next project But now Cornelia will be the first to be caught One of the Aygul and the Cerkutay may be skeptical When women consider Cornelia style So they must have doubts Who suddenly made a noise about poisoning Mari and turned his attention to Gunduz Bey and his wife. Cornelia had taken the food when she found out from Ays e Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Hatun Doubt will get a little stronger And it is possible that suspicious behavior will also be considered in his gift We’ve told you about Cornelia that she’s only a guest on two or three episodes The secret will be revealed soon And she will die It is possible that Ibrahim Faki will kill him to hide his secret The subject of cornelia is also troubling to everyone But the situation in Gunduz Bey is also a cause for concern Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

In all these circumstances, Osman Bey comes up with a great war plan In the last episode, Osman Bey talks about war and new victories immediately after settling his issues with Geyhatu and Sultan Masud. Fans also objected Knowing the hidden enemy and traitor, why is Osman making such a plan? While this devil is the first obstacle in his way Osman Bay was the first to conquer Inegol Fortress But before the conquest of Inegol Fort, Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

plans were made to conquer Enhisar But before all this could happen, the hidden enemies attacked And there was a shocking tragedy in Sogut And then Osman Bey realized that an enemy was hiding Who is doing such a thing Earlier, Osman Bey had said that he would not cancel preparations for victory because of these incidents As long as there are traitors in the tribe and sleeve snakes like Ibrahim Faki No victory is easy Destan Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Anehisar is actually a Byzantine area located between Sogut and Inegol forts By conquering it, Osman Bey wants to take a strong step towards the Inegol fort Inhesar can be a victory in two to four episodes But it is strange to think of İnegöl’s victory at this time When the enemy has advanced so far That its roots extend to the Kayi tribe At such a time, victory cannot be imagined by ignoring the traitors Now the conquest of İnegöl Fort is seven to eight years away Geyhatu is not yet on

Destan Episode 16 In Urdu

the Mongol throne The İnegöl fort was conquered during the reign of Gazan han That too when Orhan was young Now it cannot be said that the victory of İnegöl Fort is certain in this season Just in the last episode, with a surprise, Aygül Hatun’s son kayi Alp was brought back to you. Fans were thrilled to see it Fans have been thinking about this for a long time And finally it was brought to

the fore and everyone was happy But as soon as kayi Alp came, everyone’s attention went to Ahmed Alp Which has been missing from the screen for a long time We will talk about it But you can tell that Cerkutay’s humor has been further improved by bringing in kayi Alp Scene will be awesome with Cerkutay’s kayi Alp But his first meeting can be a little emotional But after that, Cerkutay’s love for kayi Alp and playing with him will be great

Talking about Ahmed Alp, the chances of Ahmed Alp appearing in the series have decreased with the arrival of kayi Alp. This little character has now been replaced by kayi Alp And we know that time has passed in the series Therefore, the shortcoming of Ahmed Alp has been filled by showing kayi Alp On the contrary, the role of Ahmed Alp will now be seen in a new form And now he will not be shown as a child Rather, he will come to the fore when he grows up Kurulus Osman Episode 87 will air on March 27 Like and share the video See You Soon!

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