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Friend Watch And Download Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free Of Cost | Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles And Also Watch Destan Season 1 Full In Urdu & English Subtitles And Also Watch More Latest Historical Series Kurulus Osman Season 3 | Alp Alsan | Barbrosslar

Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free Of Cost

Hello Friends! Welcome to T-Series Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free Of Cost has captivated everyone Everyone is crazy about the story of this wonderful series With each passing day, the series seems to reach new heights of fame Everyone’s heartbeat becomes random As the release of the new episode draws near At the moment the story is at a very interesting juncture Who were the enemies of Osman Bey yesterday They are going to fight with him in the future This is a very interesting twist

Which has attracted a lot of people At the same time, the series is watching some such incidents We will also talk about those who disagree with history Remember that this week the rating of the series has skyrocketed And it proved to fans that the series was a success There is no doubt that this series will one day set a big record The events of the previous episode were much appreciated Because after a long time,

Destan Episode 14 in Urdu T-Series

the favorite scenes of the fans came out And everyone’s hearts were comforted Such was the action of Osman Bey Which won the hearts of the fans After a while, everyone was very happy to see the action of Osman Bey The series has historically been slow There were many objections to this Now it looks like the story will move fast And after this great war, we will see a time gap There are many such incidents in the series at the moment Who has confused everyone Everyone is eagerly awaiting these moments Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

When you get to see the full story of these half-finished events Not only this,many twists are coming soon Again, some such scenes have come up in the series In which many secrets are hidden Some unknown characters have also been seen That is, the story is stirring the curiosity of the fans In the last episode, konur mentions Alam Shah’s secret meeting with someone Everyone is stunned. Who is he? There is a lot of speculation about this too We will talk in today’s video about who is the secret ally of Alam Shah?

Is Alam Shah’s character getting better? The person who met Alam Shah in Söğüt is also stuck in everyone’s mind Let’s talk about it And what will be the first major attack on konur Alam Shah? Why has Argun Khan sent ammunition and what will happen next? What is in the box that Osman Bey has placed in front of Sheikh Edabali? We will share more important details in today’s video So you must watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel kuruluş Osman series has impressed everyone

That day and night they are seen singing the same series Everyone is looking forward to the new episode of this wonderful series Everyone is anxiously awaiting the details of these events Some highlights of which were seen in the trailer There were many incidents that turned the story around Everyone is entangled in many curious scenes There are some incidents that were extremely difficult to believe At the moment, the incident has made everyone restless That is the faltering of the character of Alam Shah For a moment everyone doubted

Destan Episode 14 With English T-Series

that Alam Shah’s character would improve like Yavlak Arsalan. This thinking has kept them in conflict And fans can’t decide what will and won’t happen Of course, this topic is very important now Many people have also started questioning the character of Alam Shah What was the purpose of the contradiction that his thoughts have suddenly created in the last episode? What great secrets is Alam Shah hiding? Everyone is thinking about what is going to happen Are Alam Shah’s intentions really good? Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

In the last episode, various scenes have given some hints Which has taken everyone by surprise The return of konur’s character had won everyone’s heart But what he told Osman Bey They made everyone think Alam Shah’s meetings with a masked man And then her meeting with a man in Söğüt was quite amazing Many people are very curious about this First of all let me tell you who were the ones who met Alam Shah Because of these people, everyone’s mind is scattered And Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

they are left wondering if Alam Shah’s intentions are good Alam Shah came to meet a man in Söğüt He seemed turk by his personality But his intentions were also quite surprising He first asked about the condition of Alam Shah And he was greeted by his chief During this time we came to know from the conversation of Alam Shah That he wants to see the Seljuk Empire at the same height again Like in the time of Sultan Allauddin Keykubad Everyone thought that maybe Alam Shah’s institutions are fine Not only that, Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

the person standing in front had also confused everyone He told Alam Shah that Osman Bey’s intentions were also good He thinks the same of the Seljuk Empire And brave too But when Alam Shah said that he is merely the son of a shepherd He is not a big man to run the empire This misunderstanding of Alam Shah will soon be removed But the man’s reaction was astonishing He immediately said, “Kill Osman Bay.” That is why he is doing this even though he knows the intentions of

Osman Bey Here the truth of Alam Shah is slowly coming to light Impressed by the bravery of Osman Bey And he says that if Osman Bey had obeyed him So he had to make Osman Bey the commander of his army Alam Shah has established a separate empire in his mind Everyone has doubts as to who was the person who was making such a plan together with Alam Shah Alam Shah is first and foremost gaining the support of the Turkish tribes to carry out his intentions Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

And this man came from a Turkish tribe Who was greeted by his chief We will go into the details Which seems to be related to another person who is secretly meeting Alam Shah What konur said was also a very interesting subject Alam Shah has also prepared Plan B. He is well aware that Geyhatu is merely using it So he is making his plan Tğulları tribe They also tell you why We have told you in detail many times That both the Karamanoğulları and Germiyanoğulları tribes were not only against the Seljuk Empire On the contrary,

they had great differences with the Ottoman Empire He was mentioned repeatedly last season When Osman Bey spoke of uniting the Turkish tribes So he said that he himself would go and invite to Karamanoğulları tribe No such scene was shown after that But then again at the end of the season when Nikola and Osman Bey were about to fight So Sultan Mesud had to go back to Konya Because Karamanoğulları had revolted And they wanted to capture the Seljuk palace Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

The Sultan returned and took charge History is full of differences between these Turkish tribes and the Seljuks Who were once settled in western Anatolia by the Seljuks themselves Now guess what their relationship might be with Alam Shah Simply put, Alam Shah is a cunning, selfish and vile person Who can do anything to gain power He wants to take the Seljuk Empire to new heights But he wants to do so by betraying Sultan Mesud and removing him from the throne and making the state a puppet of his own hands

And in these circumstances, they will come forward to help Alam Shah Who will be against Sultan Mesud And they will want to remove him from the throne In other words, Karamanoğulları tribe seems to be in alliance with Alam Shah Alam Shah may have been greeted by the local chief And one of their men is having secret meetings with Alam Shah Th play an important role in bringing Alam Shah’s intentions to fruition In the trailer we see that Argun Destan Episode 14 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

Khan has sent explosives to Geyhatu And when Geyhatu is standing by the ammunition box Alam Shah is also present nearby Since Alam Shah is there, so will konur And he will tell Osman Bey about them all After which, maybe Osman will attack Geyhatu’s hideout And Os informed Argun Khan that Turks and Byzantines are revolting against him That is why he has sent 20,000 troops and ammunition against them Other people are asking about it

How will Sheikh Edabali and Osman Bey meet? And this box in particular is being monitored Which lies between Sheikh Adabali and Osman Bey Everyone is wondering what is in this box And how gunduz bey was involved with this? Be sure to leave your feedback in the comment box Kuruluş Osman Episode 82 will be aired on February 16 Like and share the video See You Soon!

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