Destan Episode 11 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free


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Destan Episode 11 With English & Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 11 With English & Urdu Subtitles For Free

In Destan Episode 11, Ece says that Colpan will kill Tegins. Akiz says Khan’s children are still alive and Kolpin wants to make a deal. Meanwhile, Kolpin talks to Khan’s son and tells him what happened years ago. Destan Episode 11 Danis says that the soldiers are ready to go to the mountains. When he put on his armor, Khan realized that the paper he had hidden there was missing.

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle

Batuga sneaks into the basement and asks Akiz why he returned to the palace. Akiz said Balmer set the trap for Nagal and Teginas. Batuga realizes that Balmer wants to be an innkeeper and comes out of a secret tunnel with Akiz. Sarma gives the paper to Batuga Khan and tells him that he cannot get the seal. Batuga says Balmer should not die, but Akiz disagrees.

Akiz said he wanted to go hunting with Kaya and got permission from Khan. Cresc goes to Gunselli’s room and poisons him to kill the tick. Cresce says he just wants to escape from the palace and asks Ganselli for help. Balamir’s army first attacked Akiz and Kaya. The other soldiers start attacking Timur. The soldiers Akis brought from Doug saved him.

Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitle

Destan Episode 11 Alpagu thought for a moment and said that he would leave Khan’s post because his health was not good. Alpagu said there would soon be a big meeting where the council would hold elections. When Temur returned to the palace, he went to the warehouse and started talking to Tutkun. Tutkun says he loves Temur but has to obey Kolpan’s orders. Temur got very angry and started arguing with Kaya. The poison started working and Tutkun fell to the ground. Alpagu quietly left with Batuga and Akkiz.

Destan Episode 11 Edge then asks Kuzu to kill Akiz during the hunting festival. When Kircicek returned to his room, he saw Akkiz. Akiz says he is not claw and Balamir will attack teginas. Kircichek fights with Akiz but is defeated. Akiz then goes to Kolpan’s room but can’t find anyone there. Batuga says Kolpan might have gone to talk to Saltuk.

In Destan Episode 11, Years ago, as Alpagu was advancing with his soldiers, the Chinese attacked him. Alpagu kills Tilsim because of the message he found on a Chinese soldier. Vargi secretly put this message on the soldier’s armor. Akkiz takes out the chest she found in the tomb and says that the seal is here. When Akkiz opens the chest, the poisonous snake bites her by the hand. Akkiz faints under the influence of poison.

Destan Episode 11 Urdu

Batuga gets very worried and asks Akkiz to wake up. Akkiz opens her eyes after a short while and says that everything is over. Batuga says he will save Akkiz and starts to carry her on his shoulder. When Vargi realizes that the priest is not in the palace, he thinks that he has kidnapped Balamir. Alpagu gets very angry after the recent events in the palace and gets angry with Vargi. Alpagu says Tayangu did not kidnap Balamir.

After a short while, Gunseli and Calayir arrive. Calayir says Batuga is not in his room. Alpagu thinks Akkiz kidnapped Batuga and asks his soldiers to find them. Batuga continues to carry Akkiz and lays her somewhere in the steppe. When Batuga sees Saltuk’s horse, he runs away from there. Saltuk sees Akkiz and takes her to the tribe. Saltuk asks Kun Ata to heal Akkiz, but Colpan stops them.

Colpan says that Akkiz was exiled from the tribe and asks Saltuk to take her to another place as soon as possible. Saltuk says that Colpan is now just trying to seize the throne. Kun Ata takes Akkiz out of the tribe in a car. After Saltuk comes out of the tent, Colpan says she will take her revenge on everyone. Batuga sees Kun Ata’s car and goes to talk to Akkiz. Tai takes Balamir to a cave.

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