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Destan Episode 10 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Destan Episode 10

In Destan Episode 10, Alpagu decides to go to the castle after the events at the meeting place and leaves. Cresce asks Akiz to talk to Khan as soon as possible and allow the marriage. Ece learns that Kircicek wants to marry Batuga, but he doesn’t understand. Alpago believes Cresic can take revenge and asks Akiz questions about it. Meanwhile, some assailants start shooting arrows at those entering the palace. Soldiers try to protect Alpago.

Akiz goes to Batuga and tries to save him. Batoga says something went wrong. Some soldiers kidnap Balamir and take him to the forest. Akiz sees Blummer running in the woods and starts chasing him. Saltuk goes to the forest to catch the traitor. Although Balamir does not know the attackers, he tries to escape with them.

Destan Episode 10 In Urdu

Akiz stopped Balmer’s horse and caught him in the woods. Colpin comes a little later. Colpin demanded Balamir’s release. Saltuk gets angry with Colpin and asks what happened. Colpin says Totkin escaped from the castle and had to use Balmer. Akiz operates to disguise that the attackers are from Dog and deliver Balmir to Alpago. The ritual begins with Khan’s arrival at the palace. Alpago sat back on the throne and began to watch the ceremony. Destan Episode 10 In Urdu

Destan Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

Dennis says everything is fine after the ceremony and the throne now belongs to Alpago. Alpago immediately calls Balmeier and tries to do him justice. Saltuk tells everyone that Balamir will be tried for treason and for trying to kill Khan. Cressick comes as a witness and confesses that he did everything at his father’s behest. After listening to Cresc, Balmir asks where the real claw is.Destan Episode 10 In Urdu

Destan Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles Download

Saltok realizes that Pastor is meeting Colpin and wonders what is happening. Colpin says she will kidnap Balmer. Saltuk is angry at the plan and says Colpin is trying to seize the throne. Mei found Tiango in the palace and said she wanted to talk to him. The pastor says he took Tiango’s family hostage. Tiango agrees to abduct Balamir from the basement to save his family. That night Alpago goes to the basement for the last time to talk to Balmer.

Destan Episode 10 With English Subtitles Download

The pastor and the Tiango give sleeping pills to the soldiers at the palace. Alpago sends soldiers to the basement and starts drinking with Balmir. Mei sees the guards asleep and asks Tiango to open the basement door. Balamir talks about the past and slowly falls asleep. Saltok realized something was wrong because he was suddenly falling asleep. Saltok later finds all the guards asleep.

Destan Episode 10 With English Subtitles

Alpago called Akiz to his room and started talking to him. Alpago says he thinks Akiz is a paw and tells him to leave the palace as soon as possible. Akiz accepts this so that the truth about Batuga does not come to light. Alpago then orders Timur to be brought to the palace and sends Kaya on this mission. Alpago gets angry with Balmeier’s assistant and fires him. Ece understands that Alpago is very angry and tells him to calm down a bit.

Destan Episode 10 With English Subtitles Free

Alpago summoned the pastor and May. Aleppo wants Chinese troops out of the border area as soon as possible. Pastor asks Khan to find Timur. Alpago says he is ready for war and sends the pastor. Alpago then gets angry with Ganselli and tells him not to do anything wrong again. Alpago eventually gets angry with Cresce and says he will send her to another tribe as a bride.

Destan With English Subtitles Free

Balmir continues to speak, stating that he had previously poisoned Alpago. Alpago thinks of the claw. Alpago said the council would decide on Balamir in the afternoon. Alpago goes to his room and realizes that Akiz is the real claw. Ece talks to Me and tells him that Alpago has taken back the throne. The pastor says Timur’s actions have damaged May’s honor and asks Ece to kill Titkin. Timur goes to an inn outside the city with Titkin.

Destan In Urdu Subtitles Free

Batuga learned that the Chinese army was approaching the border and sending Timur to Yemen to search for him. The council found Balamir guilty. Alpago says Balamir will be hanged in the morning. Upon hearing this decision, Colpin planned to get Blimmer out of the dungeon. Colpin sends a secret message to May for this plan.

Watch And Download Destan Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle

Watch And Download Destan Episode 10 With English Subtitles

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