Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free


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Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free of cost

Hello Friends! Welcome to The new action-packed episodes of the Kuruluş Osman series have cast such a spell on everyone That he could not take his eyes off the screen even for a moment And continue to enjoy great combat events and action Kuruluş Osman series is now going to break many records with its great episodes Eventually the series did what was expected That is, he regained his lost place by presenting great events

And not only in the hearts of the fans but also in the ratings And left the rest of the series behind At that moment, the series took a turn for the worse This time we got to see something new apart from the traditional battle scenes This was the biggest battle of the Kuruluş Osman series so far We also informed you about this But kuruluş Osman’s team will present it on the screen in such a wonderful way Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

This was not expected Because it was the biggest battle in history And this victory was very difficult So kuruluş Osman’s team tried to photograph all the events according to history And he left no stone unturned in explaining the significance of this great battle Before that, all victories and wars were small This is the biggest battle ever Therefore,

it is different from other war events and victories Action buffs swayed with joy They are full of happiness From the beginning to the end of the episode, we saw war, war and just war We told you that İnegöl Fortress would not be conquered in this episode On the contrary, in the final scene of the episode, Osman will enter İnegöl Fort And that’s what happened The question is, when will the İnegöl fort be conquered? Will this victory come again with delay even after going inside the fort? When will Nicola be made a symbol of warning? Is it time to the Martyrdom of Gündüz Bey?

Barbaroslar Episode 31

Who else close to Osman Bey will we see sacrificing in this war? Won’t women be able to save Orhan and Holofira? What will be the next dangerous plan of Romanus? Will the conquest of Yarhisar Fort not be shown yet? In addition, we will share the details of many other important things with you in today’s video So you must watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel The new action-packed episode of the Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman series has put four moons on the screen Such a long action was enough to enchant the fans Great action that kept the fans engaged And not for a moment did he feel bored On the contrary, with each passing moment, everyone’s curiosity grew And this continuity of action and curiosity continued throughout the episode And that’s how the episode ends The purpose of showing so many battle scenes in the whole episode was to prove it Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

How strong was the siege of Inegol Castle And how long it was going on We told you before That siege had been going on for years While such a long action and battle in the series was enough to describe this great siege Everyone knew very well what a great war it was The attacks continued from the beginning to the end of the day How Osman worked tirelessly for this great victory And many brave people sacrificed their lives to ensure this victory Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 31 Urdu

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Because now Osman Bey has also taken a few strong steps forward and entered the fort So all eyes are on when he will wave the victory flag over the fort Of course Osman Bey has entered the fort with his heroes And now he will not return empty-handed Rather, he will return only after conquering and gaining the fort But now we also know that things are getting worse But it doesn’t look like Osman Bey’s steps will falter

But now things are about to change And in the next episode, there is no chance of conquering the fort Let’s share the details of why this is so There was a lot of destruction in the fort And part of it has gone bad Osman has also done without attack And Nikola looks weak here But many things are yet to come Big names are about to leave us We will talk about them too but first let’s talk about it Whether history will be changed or not

Barbaroslar Episode 31 English

The siege was preceded by the conquest of Inegol The Inegol Fortress has also been attacked But the siege was not mentioned Turgut Bey and Gunduz Bey are participating in this great battle with great bravery That’s awesome Everyone seems to appreciate it Gunduz Bey learns that Osman Bey’s son and Holofira have been captured by enemies It is possible that Osman Bey will be informed of this after a brief recovery Even a part of the fort Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

will be almost occupied by kayi And Nikola will be seen defending himself And will compete until the last moment But the enemy will also be brought forward to strike a balance in this war Whose cowardly war will force Osman to change his plan Osman Bey will leave the responsibility and leadership of this major attack in the hands of Turgut Bey and Gunduz Bey and go to rescue Orhan and Holofira. It is possible that when Osman and Nikola are about to collide So a message came from Romanos that his son is with him so don’t make any mistake

Which puts them in trouble Well, it looks like the story will continue with the exact historical events And before that Inegol, there will be Yarhisar victory Isaac will play a nasty game with Romanos And Romanos will go to Yarahsar with his son and Halofer to avenge Osman Bey. That is why Osman Bey will have to go to Yarahsar And Romanos will have to save his son by sending him to hell In this way, the Yarhisar victory

Barbaroslar Episode 31 English Subtitles

will take place before the Inegol and events that are exactly in line with history will come to light Now you will all wonder why Osman Bey had to go Women will not be able to save Orhan and Holofira Viewers We don’t think this will be possible because Barkin has also gone after them with Selvi Hatun. And it seems difficult for women to succeed without Barkin Barkin did not go after them aimlessly He must have done something wrong Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

But there is a strong possibility that Osman Bey will come and take care of everything But in the absence of Osman Bey, things could get worse It is possible that Gonduz Bey may also be martyred during this period That is, they will be so wounded while fighting the enemies that they will become martyrs without healing their wounds Thus they were wounded as soon as they entered the fort And because of this great war they will have more wounds Gunduz Bey may also face Nicola, who may have been martyred while rescuing his son Aktemur.

It is possible that until Osman Bey returns to Inegol and concludes the romance. Here they will be shocked in the case of Gunduz Bey Because by that time either Gunduz would have been severely injured or would have been martyred And this second possibility is stronger. Preparations are complete in the series for the martyrdom of Gunduz Bey His style is based on the focus on his character in the previous episode Gunduz Bey scenes were added again and again Given enough time on screen, it is possible that the next episode will be spent on the martyrdom of Gunduz Bey,

Barbarossa Episode 31 Urdu

the conquest of Yarahsar, and the rescue of Orhan and Halofeira. And the complete victory of Inegol will not be able to see yet. After the martyrdom of Gunduz Bey, Nicola’s time will also be counted. And then in a short time it will be brought to an end After the martyrdom of Gunduz Bey and the conquest of Yarahsar, Nicola’s tragic fate awaits. Which won’t take long As soon as Osman Bey returns, he will make a big attack on Nikola which will be successful Of course, the scene of Gonduz Bey’s martyrdom in the next episode will be very emotional

And it is possible that this scene will get a lot of attention in the series and show a lot of details But not only that, now the hearts of the fans are trembling with fear that maybe many more characters living in their hearts are going to be away from them. We told you that soldiers close to Osman Bey would also be martyred in this great battle And now it seems that those soldiers will be either Torhan or Gence Bey, they too will be wounded as soon as they enter the fort. Above all, the scene that broke the hearts of the fans was the injury of Cerkutay

Barbarossa Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles

Everyone is sad about what is going to happen next Has it been decided to end his role? We will share the full details with you in the next video Just like the viewers, Cerkutay maintained his humor in the battle scenes Please let us know in the comment box how you feel Kurulus Osman Episode 94 will be aired on May 18 If you like the video, please like and share it See You Soon!

Barbaroslar Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 31 English Subtitles

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