Barbaroslar Episode 29 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free


Now ❤ Watch and Download Barbaroslar Episode 29 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free of Cost | Barbaroslar Episode 29 | Barbarossa Episode 29 Urdu | Barbaroslar Episode 29 English Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Destan

Barbaroslar Episode 29 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 29 Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Hello viewers! welcomes to to keep fans of the Barbaroslar series updated with the important information related to series. After a short wait, the wonderful trailer of the upcoming episode has finally been aired. After a short wait, the wonderful trailer of the upcoming episode has finally been aired. Why won’t the trailer be special? Nikola is now a prisoner of Osman Bay. Nikola’s imprisonment has raised many questions. But Barbaroslar’s demand for inagol fort in exchange for Nikola is a big question mark, Barbaroslar Episode 29

Because according to history, Barbaroslar and Turgat Bay had conquered Anagol fort by eliminating Nikola by force of sword. But now Barbaroslar has brought the tribe by taking Nikola as a prisoner. At the same time, osman Bay said that he would release Nikola on the condition that inagol fort be handed over to osman Bay. First of all, let’s talk about how osman Bay made Nikola a prisoner. So viewers like we saw that when osman Bay brought Nikola as a prisoner to the tribe, there was no sign of wound on Nikola’s face On the other hand, Barbaroslar Episode 29

Aktimure is telling Aryus what are the conditions of Barbaroslar instead of Nikola. At that point we can clearly see that there are many scars on Aktimure’s face. With the help of Aktimure, osman Bay succeeded in overcoming Nikola. And now Aktimure presents himself to Aryus in a wounded state so that he will not be doubted. When Aktimure said that osman Bay had demanded inagol fort in exchange for Nikola. So the new commander with Master Aryus turned red with rage. And he said that under no circumstances would we give inagol to osman Fort. While Master Aryus controlled himself, Barbaroslar Episode 29

he said that he did not want to lose his student Nikola under any circumstances. It is clear from this attitude of Aryus that Aryus has a secret plan to save Nikola. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. If osman Bay had any condition to get gold or osman Bay would demand unarmed in exchange for Nikola. It was possible that Aryus would have fulfilled the demand of osman Bay without thinking for a moment. But handing over inagol to osman Bay in this way will never be an option for Aryus. master Aryus will now use Barkin Bay to save Nikola, Barbaroslar Episode 29

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Barbaroslar Episode 29 English

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That is why osman Bay wants to see that enemy in front of him. Therefore, it is possible that Osman Bay and Aryus will now face each other during Nikola’s imprisonment. When Aktimure was talking to Aryus, Master Aryus had a very different impression. As much as Master Aryus is a genius, he can also know the origin of Aktimure. If Barkin Bay did not succeed in rescuing Nikola from osman Bay’s captivity. Then it is possible that the secret of Aktimure will be revealed and Nikola will be exchanged for Aktimure If we talk about whether osman Bay will kill Nikola now? Barbaroslar Episode 29

So viewers are not like that at all. We have already told you that Nikola’s death will be at the hands of Turgut Bay on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fortress. And before his death, Nikola will then martyr Gundoz Bay. Therefore, it is not possible for osman to kill Nikola. osman Bay had taken the gold in exchange for Yarhsar Governor Basieleus. But now Aryus will save Nikola through his secret plan. If you look at Aktimure’s character from a historical point of view. Aktimure played a very important role as a soldier of osman Bay. And in many important victories, Aktimure sided with osman Bay, Barbaroslar Episode 29

Barbaroslar Episode 29 English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Episode 29 Urdu Subtitles

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Now let’s move on to some more important questions in the video. Let’s talk about what big threat osman Bay will face despite catching Nikola? Who’s the new character in the trailer? When will the reality of Barkin Bay and Master Aryus come to light? When and where will osman Bay and Aktimure meet secretly? Can kosis now save Nikola from osman Bay? Will the Byzantine emperor be featured in the series after Nikola’s imprisonment? What will be the most important achievement in the future? There are many more important things you will find in this video.

You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding with the video. If you are new to this Channel, subscribe to the channel so that you get the first news related to Kurulus osman. The series of unique and charming episodes of Kurulus osman series continues. Nikola has been released by osman, but now another Nikola commander has come forward with Aryus. And this commander seems to be the most dangerous of all Nikola’s commanders seen this season. Although Nikola is currently in osman Bay’s custody, Barbaroslar Episode 29

Barbaroslar Episode 29 Download

Master Aryus will still target osman Bay by targeting the weapons base. And after the destruction of weapons, the conquest of inagol fortress will be delayed. Meanwhile, osman Bay will conquer the yarhasar fort. Meetings between osman Bay and Aktimure will take place in the cave. Where Aktimure will share the Byzantine project with osman Bay in every respect. With the entry of Aktimure’s character in the series, the interest of the series has increased. viewers will no longer feature the Byzantine Emperor and Sultan Massoud this season. Now Aryus and osman Bay will soon face each other.

And Aryus is now a guest in one, two episodes of the series. Because as soon as the reality of Barkin and Aryus is exposed to osman Bay, osman Bay will not hesitate to cut their necks. Kosis who has now become a big supporter of osman Bay. Kosis is about to become a Muslim very soon. Master Aryus may even plan to attack Harmankaya Fort in the absence of Kosis. And then Harmankaya asked him to demand Nikola from osman Bay in return. But kosis will no longer help Nikola. Because Kosis knows that Nikola is a snake and can bite anyone, Barbaroslar Episode 29

And only after the conquest of the inagol fortress will the Qayi tribe of Aktimure return. And the meeting of Ayesha hatun and Aktimure after the return of Qayi tribe will make everyone cry. Because then the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay must have taken place. The events of the conquest of inagol Fort will be shown in the last episode of Season 3. It is also possible that osman Bayyarsar and inagol conquered together. But since the conquest of inagol fort will take time. That is why osman will turn to Yarhasar before inagol.

If we talk about why osman will not be able to conquer inagol fort soon? So viewers, one of the reasons is that master Aryus and Nikola are now big planners through Barkin Bay. Master Aryus’ plan against osman Bay will succeed. Master Aryus and Nikola will be able to hit the target the weapon place. Now the golden age of osman Bay has begun. Now osman will succeed in establishing the empire by making insignificant victories in his name. viewers,You must tell us in the comment box how you felt seeing Nikola helpless in the captivity of Barbaroslar , Barbaroslar Episode 29

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Barbaroslar Episode 29 English Subtitles

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