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Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 27 Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Hello Friends! Welcome to T-Series Barbaroslar series finally delivered that terrifying surprise Which was eagerly awaited The price was paid for the moments spent in the turmoil Kuruluş Osman series has a great trailer Which made the heartbeat of the fans random The biggest-ever trailer of the third season has finally hit the screens. A big wish of the fans was fulfilled, Barbaroslar Episode 27

And his interest in the series seemed to be on the rise The topic of time gap has been hotly debated since the end of the last episode The absence of the trailer strengthened the hopes of this break Then it was announced by Barbaroslar’s team that they would release a great trailer tonight The announcement signaled the end of the long-awaited surprise As soon as the new trailer is released So the fans began to sway with joy Finally we got to see a new story, Barbaroslar Episode 27

In which many new characters emerged A new era has come with new victories There is no doubt about it Many historical battles are part of this era That’s why fans are looking excited What a wonderful way to screw people over Conquests that would guarantee Osman Bey’s great state That is, now the foundation of the state will be laid The Ottomans are soon to have a place of their own The new trailer brings out a new story Fans are unaware of many of these incidents And want to know the details, Barbaroslar Episode 27

We will talk about this in today’s video Will tell you if the conquest of İnegöl Fort is now one step away Who is the Byzantine princess saved by Orhan and Alauddin? Which Byzantine governor has come to tribe and why? Has konur disappeared since that break? Why did Osman Bey attack the Crusaders and save whom? Will Osman Bey’s only two sons be part of the series? And we will share the details of many important things with you in today’s video So you must watch the video till the end,

 That’s how we told you in detail after the peace agreement Now it’s time for a time gap And then it happened After a major setback to the ratings of the series, it has now been brought to the fore with a new era Which will once again take the series to the heights of ratings Changes in characters and events will surely impress fans But even knowing this, Barbaroslar Episode 27

the series is going to show a break The new trailer was a big shock As soon as the trailer starts we first find out that the era of 1299 has started That is, the time of great conquests has come The Ottomans have become powerful And İnegöl’s victory is near At the same time we got to see both the sons of Osman Bey Who have grown up enough And as we told you, they are both playing the same role Which were shown in Malhun Hatun’s dream Osman Bey was seen showing his sons the path to victory, Barbaroslar Episode 27

They were advised to fly the flag after İnegöl, Bursa and then to Constantinople, but also to the whole world. The great thing is that both the sons of Osman Bey have been shown as great warriors at this age While this was being understood about Alauddin Ali Maybe he looked like a scholar instead of a warrior But his role in the series is strong in both ways He will be seen as a strong fighter who intends to run the world system through Islamic law It was great to see the reflection of their ancestors in the brave sons of Osman Bey, Barbaroslar Episode

But now let’s try to understand the story ahead Orhan and Allauddin passed through the water holding bows and arrows And then in the next scene he appeared in the forest Where they killed Byzantine soldiers And saved a girl Now the story is that the two brothers may have gone hunting And then in the forest they saw Byzantine soldiers forcibly taking a girl away After which they attacked the soldiers And brought the girl to the tribe Obviously this is no ordinary girl On the contrary, Barbaroslar Episode 27

Barbaroslar Episode 27 English Subtitles

the Byzantine princess is known There is a strong possibility that this will be the same princess who will be Orhan Bay’s wife in the future Yes, she will be Princess Hilufir, the daughter of the governor of Yarhisar This will be the beginning of Orhan Bay’s love story At the moment, they have rescued the princess and brought the tribe But they will not be able to keep her in the tribe Osman Bey will have to lay it down We will share the reason with you in detail During the season we will also get to see Yarhisar Fort Possibly the governor of which has also come to light, Barbaroslar Episode 27

The governor in the trailer will be from Yarhisar Fort The governor is played by Turkish actor Levent Özdelik He had previously been portrayed as a villain in the Turkish series “Turks are Coming” Here is the great story of the next episode of Osman Bey’s brave sons rescuing a princess and bringing the tribe But then this governor will also reach the kayi tribe That is also shown in the trailer, Barbaroslar Episode 27

In fact,he came after Helufir And will demand from Osman Bey That his daughter should be handed over to him Now this issue will not be resolved so easily It is certain that Osman Bey does not hand over the people who take refuge with him to the enemies Maybe the princess herself will agree here That he be sent back So that no calamity befalls the kayis because of it You may remember something from this incident Earlier this season, Byzantine Princess Mari was abducted by Turgut Bey, Barbaroslar Episode 270

And the matter flared up again Now the bitterness between the governor of Yarhisar and Osman Bey will increase due to this incident But somehow Osman Bey will have to hand him back to his father The question now is where Holofir was being forcibly taken It is clear from history that Holofir’s father wanted to marry her to the son of the governor of Belçik. It may be related to this incident Now the governor of Belçik and his son will be seen Also we saw in the trailer that Osman Bey along with his soldiers, Barbaroslar Episode 27

and Turgut Bey fought the Crusaders. Why did Osman attack them? And what was the reason? Everyone wants to know This will not be a big fight On the contrary, the soldiers of Osman Bey will kill all the crusaders But it is also interesting in this scene That when Osman Bey and his soldiers came running on horseback, killing all the soldiers So someone has already fallen there Who also has a sword in his hand Here it seems that Osman Bey may have killed the Crusaders to save this man Who is this person now? Barbaroslar Episode 27

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

This was not clear in the trailer But in our opinion, it was either Kosis’s companion Kiros Or is there such a person? Which Osman wanted to catch It is more likely that Osman Bey attacked to save the man New trailer with a new era Much attention was paid to the soldiers of Osman Bey Who has come forward? So everyone was thinking about Konur Why it was not noticed in the trailer And why he didn’t show up There were also rumors that Konur might be missing after the break Having said that, Barbaroslar Episode 27

he has gone on a campaign somewhere While all these ideas are wrong Because konur Alp was seen in the trailer But no one paid attention to it When Osman was going with his soldiers So the soldiers behind him were konur Alp and maybe Gence Bey Konur Alp’s spears revealed that he was present in the scene Konur is such an important character that it is no longer easy to make him disappear On the contrary, after this break, he will be closer to Osman Bey, Barbaroslar Episode 27

After this huge time gap we will see everything a little different Changes in the characters and then in the main tent will also see some changes Especially in the kayi throne A poplar tree was spotted at the beginning of the season on the front of the kayi throne behind Osman Bey. Whose branches were spread out And this time there are Kayi sign in the middle of it and arrows around it This direction of the arrows is showing everywhere, Barbaroslar Episode 27

That now the purpose of kayi is to rule the whole world and the glory of Islam They are no longer limited to a specific area Apart from this, the lavish dresses of both the wives of Osman Bey were also very much liked by the fans On the contrary, it was a pleasure to see all the characters, including Osman Bey, in a new form Now the question in everyone’s mind is that the first two sons of Osman Bay have grown up enough Will her other children also be seen? Barbaroslar Episode 27

Or these two sons will be part of the series The series has a gap of about ten years In that case, Osman Bey will have more children Of course, they will not be of Bala Hatun But Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun since they had seven children So it is very important to include them in the series It is possible that in the story of the next episode we will find out that Osman Bey has two to three more children And let them be shown, Barbaroslar Episode 27

The role of Fatima hatun, a daughter of Osman Bey, is also likely to be included in the series How impressed you are with this great new trailer And which scene did you find the best? Be sure to let us know in the comments box Like and share the video See You Soon! Barbaroslar Episode 27

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 27 English Subtitles

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