Barbaroslar Episode 26 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free


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Barbaroslar Episode 26 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 26 Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Hello Friends! Welcome to T-Series the new trailer of Barbaroslar series has come out with great surprise As soon as he came, he made a fuss on the screen Different questions have come to mind Suddenly, the story unfolds Unexpected events took the fans by surprise The second released trailer showed a lot of dangerous scenes Which indicates that there are many surprises in the next episode On the contrary, some of the scenes of the trailer itself moved the hearts of the fans

The series is breaking many agreements on a daily basis This change is not easy to bear The elimination of the main characters from the series saddens the fans They are already feeling the absence of many of their favorite characters in the series And in the last few years, many positive characters in the series have been taken away from the fans Then whether it is the heartbeat of everyone Göktuğ Alp or the role of the shepherd Akca Which had a slightly different place in the series

The trailer hinted at that again Like Barbaroslar’s team is going to be a big shock And another character is probably leaving us Fans are worried about which character will be separated from them this time In today’s video we will talk about many of the trailer’s curiosity scenes We will tell you that who’s martyrdom can be seen in the next episode? Has Osman Bey got rid of a big devil by killing Arius? Why Cornelia will not be able to reveal the secret of Ibrahim Fakih?

Why is there a fierce battle between Barbaroslar and the Byzantines? Is Barbaroslar’s dream of conquering İnegöl coming true this time? And we will share the details of many important things with you in today’s video So you must watch the video till the end The newly released great trailer of Barbaroslar series has attracted everyone Everyone is eager to know the details of curious events The next episode is going to present great battle scenes

And fans are already excited to see Barbaroslar in action The Byzantines and Osman Bey collided head-on Everyone wants to know the details This incident started from the last episode And we’ve already shared the details with you In the last episode, Osman Bey’s spy Artalus from Constantinople gave very important information He said Nikola was seeking military assistance He even told me the route of the caravan From there, it was speculated that, Barbaroslar Episode 26

Barbaroslar would now attack the caravan We’ve talked about this before And then in the trailer special attention was paid to this incident We saw the scene in which Barbaroslar and the Byzantines clashed This Byzantine caravan has been stopped there Turgut Bey and Kosis also joined him in attacking the caravan And maybe somehow Nicola and Arius guessed That Osman could be an attacker on caravan So they too may have taken steps Barbaroslar will get all the oil and military equipment in the caravan

And he’ll have fun fighting Nicola But when Barbaroslar will have to gain the upper hand in this war So maybe Nikola will run away and hide Barbaroslar may have simply attacked with his soldiers And then Kosis and Turgut Bey also come to the aid of Barbaroslar Which is why Arius and Nikola had to flee Barbaroslar will take over the caravan But the issue of Arius is also important here For a moment it seemed as if he was about to die. Before the details, the heartbeat of the fans comes towards the uncontrollable scene, Barbaroslar Episode 26

It seemed that the series was about to begin In the trailer we see that Boran Alp and Sultuk, one of the soldiers close to Barbaroslar, are affected by this war. Everyone wants to know which of the two is going to say goodbye to the series Or they may both be separated from us at the same time Aries while fleeing So Boran Alp and Sultuk both run this way Boran Alp suffers a severe wound Fans are heartbroken Because rumors were already circulating about the demise of Boran Alp’s character

Barbaroslar Episode 26 English Subtitles

Pay attention to the scene of the sword wound on Boran Alp Maybe he’s on the arm At most, the wound can be a little on the chest But this is not a dangerous wound Which led to the martyrdom of Boran Alp It became clear But the case of Sultuk Alp is a bit confusing Arius’s attack on Sultuk was a bit dangerous Sultuk has a deep sword wound in his stomach And the sword may be pierced One such dangerous wound was inflicted on his brother Konur by Kongar, Barbaroslar Episode 26

Which led to his martyrdom Nothing will happen to Boran Alp here There will be a small wound that will be healed But that seems to be the case with Sultuk Alp That he could be martyred because of this dangerous wound Barbaroslar’s reaction to Sultuk’s war is also quite emotional Therefore, the possibilities are being shown That if a character was eliminated here So it could be Sultuk, not Boran Alp. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person And he will have to pay the price, Barbaroslar Episode 26

Which can be seen in the case of the martyrdom of Sultuk Now everyone will question that Sultuk is a historical character Why would he be taken away so suddenly? There is no need to discuss this further We are all probably familiar with this habit of Barbaroslar’s team That she introduces historical characters in the first series And then they are removed and brought to the fore in a new form with the same name And a great example of this is the character of Konur, Barbaroslar Episode 26

If Sultuk was martyred here So the historical character Sultuk will be entered in a new form Did Barbaroslar really kill Arius? This question has also put everyone in a dilemma Let’s talk about it before we go into details Where Cornelia has been brought before the tribe as a traitor And Aygül Hatun wants to tell the truth Cornelia may try to kill herself But maybe Aygül will stop her and try to get the name of the enemy hidden from them Ibrahim Fakih and Barkın are also present at this time, Barbaroslar Episode 26

Barbaroslar Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles

We also heard Arius say this in the trailer That his and Barkın’s secret will not be revealed That is, he will deal with the Cornelia problem here They will kill her by shooting arrows or in some other way She will not be able to name them But Cornelia’s death is set for the next episode The trailer looks like Arius was sent to hell by OBarbaroslar Arius must have run away after injuring Boran Alp and Saltuk So Osman Bey will follow him Barbaroslar will catch him and beat him up He will even kill her Nicola is watching the whole scene, Barbaroslar Episode 26

And he also runs as a teacher Because he thought that Master Arius was killed by Barbaroslar when we don’t think so Because Arius had covered his face And the disguise was changed So he must have sent someone else in the same guise to deceive Barbaroslar This scene will probably be shown later Arius wants Barbaroslar to realize that he has got rid of his hidden enemy. Here, for a moment, Nicola’s will think that master Arius, is killed But after at castle he’ll meet Arius, Barbaroslar Episode 26

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When Barbaroslar will remove the veil from this person’s face So he will not be Ibrahim Fakih Osman will be surprised at this And will immediately check his arm Barbaroslar had wounded him in the last battle Barbaroslar will not understand because he is not injured That he was not the real enemy This was done only to deceive him The conquest of İnegöl Fortress is a major issue Repeatedly in the series, Barbaroslar Episode 26

Barbaroslar is emphasizing the victory of İnegöl Fort He has created confusion in everyone’s mind We have repeatedly explained this to you in our videos That the conquest of İnegöl Fort before the conquest of Orhan Ghazi and the conquest of Yarhisar and Belçik is a matter of history. Therefore, this victory is not possible this season But this is the reason why Barbaroslar mentions it again and again, Barbaroslar Episode 26

That in the pages of history it is stated in some places that the siege of İnegöl Fort lasted five years. In the last episode, Nikola says that his castle has food for many years Even if Barbaroslar restricts him to fort, he will not surrender yet Remember that this season will end without the victory of İnegöl The victory of İnegöl Fort will be seen next season after the time gap Please tell us, how surprising was new trailer for you Like and share the video See You Soon! Barbaroslar Episode 26

Barbaroslar Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 26 English Subtitles

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