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Barbaroslar Episode 22 With English Urdu & Arabic Subtitles Free Of Cost | مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 22

Barbaroslar Episode 22 spreads a lot of color on the screen Everyone seems to be praising the series The series presented such a wonderful action that everyone kept on wow The series, which praises the great Ottoman Empire and the brave warriors of that era, seems to win the hearts of fans every week. Barbaroslar Episode 22

This historical series also captures the hearts of all because of its successful action-packed scenes Everyone is fascinated by this series If the series slows down a bit, fans will start objecting Everyone’s heart is pounding Because now the story has reached a very curious point The last episode presented a lot of happy events But enough scenes were like that Which caused everyone’s pain We saw that Barbaroslar Bey has defeated every enemy with bravery, courage and wisdom Despite the difficulties, Barbaroslar Episode 22

he did not stop Barbaroslar Bwy’s steadfastness wins everyone’s heart But what happened in the last episode was quite unexpected and surprising That is, from the beginning to the end of the episode, we saw war, war and just war Fans’ objections to the lack of action were completely removed But the sequence of action-packed scenes did not break in all the episodes And everyone was affected by that action Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English

The shortcomings in the War Scenes series have been rectified And Barbaroslar was surrounded by enemies on all sides He is reminding everyone of their times one by one But Osman Bey has clashed with two major states at the same time We will talk about what is going to happen next Will you tell me if there is going to be a historical stir in the series? And will Osman behead Alam Shah and Geyhatu at the same time? What is the reason for the return of Sultan Mesud?

Will he still find Osman Bey guilty and will not know the truth? Has Alam Shah really killed konur? Will Alam Shah’s new ally Arbey also increase Osman Bey’s power? Will Osman Bey now stand firm in front of Sultan Mesud? We will share more important information with you in today’s video So watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel Kuruluş Osman series has become the star of everyone’s eyes Everyone is addicted to this series Barbaroslar Episode 22

This series, which has left its mark on the minds of all, is gaining prominence in the historical world As soon as the new episode is released, the series appears at the top of the ratings This time too the series flew high and left everyone behind The spectacular events of the episode are less than appreciative There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about not paying attention to the series But now a days we are seeing Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English

the characters coming and going in the series Which proves that full attention is being paid to the series Güngör had just come out of Germiyanoğulları His story is not yet clear And two more characters have come to the fore One has entered in the last episode And will appear in an upcoming episode These characters are adding to the curiosity of the fans Everyone’s heart is anxious to know whether they are friends or enemies. As soon as konur arrived, it was proved that he would be Osman Bey’s partner And we told you about Güngör Bey that he would be a great competitor But now all eyes are on the new characters At the moment,

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Hindi Dubbing

in the last episode, Arbey, who was called by Alam Shah from Konya, came out And the reason was Alam Shah’s suspicion on konur. We have already told you that you do not believe in the konur He will definitely keep an eye on him And finally he found out the whole truth about konur through Arbey But not only that, we also found out that Arbey is a friend of konur Therefore, it seems that Arbey will support Osman Bey just like konur But one scene of the trailer shocked the fans

When konur was seen in front of Alam Shah in Söğüt inn And Alam Shah also attacked konur For a moment it seemed as if he was going to kill konur But it was also proved in the same scene What are the intentions of the newcomers? When konur was captured, all the soldiers drew their swords at him And two soldiers are holding him At that moment, Alam Shah stabbed Konur with his dagger And Arbey is standing nearby

He did not save konur But he did not draw his sword While his impressions are disturbing But apart from that, everyone is worried about it Whether Alam Shah killed Konur in the incident And again the same mistake is repeated And this historical character was not given a place in the series This is not possible right now The same character is brought up again and again and cannot be eliminated quickly From the scene of the trailer,

Barbaroslar Episode 22 With English

it seems that Alam Shah has stabbed konur in the neck While we do not think so Because this scene is not in front And it is possible that what Alam Shah did The wound is on konur’s chest or around his shoulder But he will not have a fatal wound on his neck From here will know about Arbey character If konur suffered a minor injury, Alam Shah would imprison him But even if it doesn’t, do something to hurt it The possibility is being raised that Arbey could help konur here But the bottom line is that nothing will happen to konur

Osman Bey will save him The fact is that he will now be seen standing with Osman Bey Konur’s survival here is also important because Sultan Mesud is returning In addition, we saw in the trailer that Alam Shah and Osman Bey will face And at the moment Arbey is with Alam Shah Now either he will understand Osman Bey’s intentions and come to him Or it will end like Alam Shah In the last episode, Alam Shah and Geyhatu hit Osman hard Sometimes confronted by the Mongols and sometimes by the Seljuks

Barbarossa Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles

But neither Geyhatu nor Alam Shah was captured. But the trailer for the next episode was such that everyone was surprised Fans were happy to see the condition of Geyhatu and Alam Shah in the last scene of the trailer But he could not believe his eyes But he could not believe his eyes how it was possible so quickly How Osman Bey hunted them both He will be caught where Osman Bey has blocked the way of Alam Shah And it wasn’t too hard to catch Geyhatu anymore Because Mengiyal had already been caught

And ten thousand Mongols had not yet arrived The two were captured and brought to the main tent of the kayi tribe Seeing their condition, it seems that Osman Bey has dragged them like dogs This scene from the next episode will be great But at the same time, the question on everyone’s mind is whether they are going to die The fate of Alam Shah will be decided by Osman Bey. This was decided from the first day But it is not correct to say that

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Urdu Dubbing

Geyhatu will be killed by Osman Bey Because the series will not show such a big historical difference By killing the future Mongol Khan at the hands of Osman, the series will be so spoiled We’ve made a detailed video on the full history of Geyhatu If you want to know about the life of Geyhatu historically So go to the link in the description Watching the video, it will become clear why it is not possible for Geyhatu to die at the hands of Osman Bey Geyhatu wil

which is seen in Konya Palace He may have reported the capture of Alam Shah and Geyhatu And all the misinformation about Osman Bey would have been provided Sultan Mesud has lost his temper on hearing this That his minister has been arrested As angry as Sultan Mesud shows to Osman Bey If it had been shown to the Mongols, the colors of the empire would have been different Sultan Mesud has spoken of coming straight to the kayi tribe So he will save Geyhatu Because he is allied with Arghun Khan

You will remember Osman Bey’s council of Turkish chiefs in episode 83 Where a chief had said that the Seljuks were puppets in the hands of the Mongols While Osman Bey said that all Konya is under the control of Mongols There is no independent state So there is no need to hesitate in rebellion Since Osman Bey has understood the importance of the Seljuk state and now he may not offer any further clarification before Sultan Mesud. But Alam Shah will show the truth

And this time Sultan Mesud has to be obeyed Alam Shah’s death is certain But Geyhatu will be saved by Sultan Mesud Another reason for Alam Shah’s death is the rapid emergence of other enemies Remember that in the next episode, Sultan Mesud and Osman will have a significant clash And you will see very bitter rhetoric But in any case, Osman Bey will not agree to leave Aalam Shah Also, a new person has appeared in the trailer Who has killed and piled up Turkish soldiers Everyone is shocked who he is

Barbaroslar Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle

Barbaroslar Episode 22 In English Subtitle

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