Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Urdu & Arabic Subtitles Free


Now ♥ Watch And Download Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Urdu 21 & Arabic Subtitles Free Of Cost And Friend Download Barbarossa Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles And Also ترجمة عربية | مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21 | Barbaroslar Episode 21 Arabic Subtitle Pakistan And Indian People Watch Barbrossa Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle . Friend barbaroslar Episode 20 Make Translation Turkish To Urdu Anas And Mr Zahid.

Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Urdu & Arabic Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Urdu & Arabic Subtitles Free Of Cost | مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

In Barbaroslar Episode 21, After the blast in the passage, the officers start to do the injured. Oruj quickly makes a move to save Khizir. Pietro congrats to Martin. Gladius assaults the Turks to incur more harm. While Oruj is battling the knights, Gladius wounds Khizir. Oruj shoots Gladius with a bolt and quickly embarks to take Khizir to the central command emergency clinic. Pietro figures Khizir will kick the bucket soon and is blissful. مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

Pasha faults Oruj for this blast and says he will kill him. The specialist says Khizir is in rough shape and may kick the bucket. Oruj can’t stand what he heard and goes out. Antuan tells that Pietro took in the area of the passage on account of a covert operative. Pasha’s officers attempt to capture Oruj however fizzle. مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

Oruj then, at that point, goes to Pasha’s tent and lets him know that there is a government operative in the military. Pasha captures Oruj’s companions and gives him some an ideal opportunity to track down this government agent. Oruj plans to enter the palace from the western divider and catch some Christian officers. The specialist gives medication to Khizir yet tells that his condition is still awful. Barbaroslar Episode 21

Barbaroslar Episode 21

Martin gets back to central command and gains from Ishaq of Oruj’s arrangement. Pietro gives Meryem a few medications to program her once more. Dervish places his hand on Khizir’s heart and implores Allah. In the mean time, Khizir has a fantasy. Khizir goes to a shore in a boat. A man places his hand on Khizir’s heart and recuperates him. Khizir wakes up and asks who this legislator is. This man says he is from the future and is Sultan Suleiman. مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

Ruler requests that Khizir recover soon and battle. Khizir later awakens and says he had a fantasy. Dervish quiets Khizir and requests that he keep quiet. Pietro discovers that Khizir isn’t dead and becomes exceptionally furious. Salvator feels that Oruj will assault the western divider and starts sitting tight for him outside the palace. Oruj’s snare works and Salvator is caught. Antuan starts to torment the chief naval officer and gains from him that the government agent is Martin. Oruj doesn’t completely accept that what he says and chooses to get back to central command. Barbaroslar Episode 21

While eating with Ishaq, Martin learns of Oruj’s actual arrangement and starts to escape. A couple of Oruj’s warriors attempt to stop Martin in the timberland yet fall flat. At the point when Oruj gets back to central command, he discovers that Martin has as of now gotten away. Oruj then, at that point, converses with Pasha and lets him know that the covert operative has been uncovered. Barbaroslar Episode 21

What is the situation We have blocked the chief, we have just shut off the water. First of all, Allah has been seeing red apples in the Mediterranean since Sultan Mehmet. What are we waiting for in the next episode, The Mediterranean Sword, Barbrosens? The Barbarossa series began to experience a drop in ratings again. This time a new initiative came up for the series, Barbaroslar Episode 21 مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

Although there is no official statement from the producers in the possibility of changing the day of the series is on the agenda. Thursday could take our series to a new day. If this information, which is not currently confirmed, is confirmed, we will share it with you again. I don’t have maternity rights. But you know, I will pray for you till your last breath that you see the truth as your sister-in-law. My Sheikh, my Sheikh, my heart burns. My heart burns, my Sheikh, Barbaroslar Episode 21 مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

Did I know that would happen? If you only knew and did, then you would be of the wrongdoers. You did it unknowingly, you are one of the heedless. For my Obama. For the good of all of us. I wanted to get rid of the chicks so that no blood would flow. Of course, my Sheikh, when the order is restored, they will return. Would I like that to happen … Gündüz Bey. Do you know the hypocrites who built Derar Mosque?مسلسل بربروس الحلقة كاملة 21

The season’s trailers have been completed and have not been released to fans so far because the police team was also waiting for another political release and now while releasing the trailer for all the other series Given that there is now even more curiosity in the field regarding the police and tell us about it, not to mention the slogans in the sky in the new trailer, as well as us about the purpose of the third season.

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Barbaroslar Episode 21 English Subtitles

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