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Barbaroslar Episode 19 With English & Urdu Subtitles Free of cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 19 Huma leaves town with Amir’s warriors, however she understands that something is off-base. Shahbaz requested that Petro’s officers assault the vehicle. Whenever Amir was conversing with the warriors in the manor, Oroj comes. Oruj says he will give up in return for the arrival of his family and the arrival of ammo. Amir says he won’t make such an arrangement and will capture Oraj. Elias saved Huma and Asma. Barbaroslar Episode 19

Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles

Isabel goes to Amir’s home and lets him know that Huma had gone to the spot of conveyance. In the mean time, Anton enters the chateau and starts to kill Amir’s warriors. Oroj’s arrangement works and he gets Amir. Perry and Khidr enter the post utilizing huge chests. While Perry goes to the storm cellar to protect the covert operatives, Khidr goes to Mary’s room. Orge says Carabe’s missteps are beyond any reasonable amount to compensate for and they kill him.

As Orj attempts to escape the house, Amir’s fighters begin terminating on the house. Shahbaz says he will send Huma to Petro. Whenever Amir attempts to kill Oruj, a blast happens. Orj flees from home at the hour of the blast. Isabelle sees Oruj in a side road and takes him home. Petro does a decent conditioning of Mary and asks her where the Turkish covert operatives are on the island. Isabelle says Orj is correct and her sibling has been captured by Shahbaz. Barbaroslar Episode 19

Barbaroslar Episode 19 With English Subtitles

Orge says he will help Isabel regardless, however first he needs to save his family. En route to the Turkish government agent base camp on the island, Khidr discovers that Christian officers have laid out a snare there. Khidr scrutinized Petro’s fighter and discovered that Ottoman government operatives had been caught. Perry can’t see how Petro got his mystery base camp. Khidr says he will slip into the royal residence and save everybody there. Salvator starts to torment a government agent yet can’t gain a single thing from him.

Orj goes to his storm cellar and converses with his companions. Orj says he really wants to discover where Huma is. Antuan says he will do it and goes out. The salvator removes Nico from his cell and starts to torment him. Perry attempts to stop the solver. Salvator says he will kill all Turks. Khidr requested that Petro convert to Islam or give up the island. Khuzair says Petro has no power after the loss in Lesvos. Barbaroslar Episode 19

Barbarossa Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles

Petro advised Khudair to quiet down and let him know that a huge armada had as of now shown up at Clemenos for help. Khudair says that the Turks will win this conflict. Subsequently, Petro called Mary to the castle garden. Khidr was exceptionally amazed to see Maryam. Petro allows Khidr two days to drop his conflict arrangements and advises him to leave the fortification. Anton catches a Mamluk officer. Khudair plans to protect Maryam and leaves for the port as though leaving the island.Barbaroslar Episode 19

Qaraba killed an Ottoman officer and seized all the ammo in the house. Darwish told Krabbe not to contact the weapons, but rather the admonition was futile. The journey stops Oroj in the ocean and attempts to catch him. Orj goes to Alexandria subsequent to killing the Mamluk warriors. Shahbaz discovered what Qaraba had done and was extremely cheerful with regards to the circumstance. Khidr goes to Clemenos as a representative. Barbaroslar Episode 19

Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitles

Nico gets into a contention while Salvator converses with Khidr. While Khidr goes to converse with Petro, the solver takes Perry and Nico to the prison. Petro converses with his sister and tells her that he was deceived by the Turks years prior. Petro says Khidr killed his mom. Maryam recalls her youth and starts to feel that Khidr has killed her family.

Barbarossa Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles 

Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitles 

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