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Barbaroslar Episode 18 English & Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 18, Khizir takes the emissaries of the Christian states prisoner and requests that Karabay pull out his warriors. Karabay says he will pull out his officers in the wake of thinking for some time. Pietro is glad that he killed Oruj and plans to leave Alexandria as quickly as time permits. Conrad says he will carry additional troopers from Crete to assault Lesbos. Pietro then, at that point, goes to meet Meryem.

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As Khizir is going to leave the boat, Yareli comes and lets him know that the mariners are dead. Yareli says that Pietro’s fighters killed Oruj and consumed everybody. Meryem understands that Pietro won’t come and gets back to the manor. Niko sees Meryem returning home and Pietro shows up soon after. The enduring mariners cover the Horozcu. Ishaq takes Oruj’s blade and starts crying.

Barbaroslar Episode subtitles barbaros with english

Khizir and Ilyas attempt to quiet Ishaq. While shopping on the lookout, Isabel discovers that Oruj has passed on and swoons. Ilyas says that Karabay is answerable for everything and goes to kill him for certain mariners. Sahin contends with Sahaz due to ongoing occasions. Khizir goes to the clinic to analyze Oruj’s dormant body yet acknowledges something is off-base. Khizir really takes a look at all the dead yet can’t track down english subtitles barbaroslar episode 18

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Oruj. Khizir begins to believe that Oruj is as yet alive. Emir requests that his troopers stop Ilyas. Khizir discovers that Ilyas assaulted Karabay’s home and makes a move to stop him. Isabel gets back to the hotel and kills a few group. Sahbaz stops Isabel and says everybody is honest. Khizir quiets down Ilyas and goes with them to the backwoods.

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Sahbaz discovers that Oruj might in any case be alive and becomes exceptionally irate. Sahbaz sends his men into the woodland to track down Oruj. Isabel likewise discovers that Oruj might in any case be alive and needs to illuminate Khizir about Sahbaz . Sahbaz stops Isabel again and tells her that she can’t leave the hotel. Sahbaz then, at that point, converses with Pietro and enlightens him regarding Oruj. Khizir discovers a few impressions in the timberland and tells that somebody is conveying Oruj. A brief time frame later, Niko shows up and lets him know that Meryem is attempting to meet Pietro. english subtitles barbaroslar episode 18

Barbaroslar Episode 18 English Subtitle

At the point when Meryem gets back to the chateau, she finds out with regards to Pietro’s slaughter and goes to get some air. Khizir sees their impressions lead to the port and keeps on after them. Pietro furtively meets Meryem on the lookout and says he won’t ever leave her. Meryem becomes furious with Pietro and says that she won’t ever go to Kalymnos with him.

Khizir sees Oruj’s pony and gets more confident. In the mean time, Sinan and the criminals assault. Oruj has a fantasy. Oruj converses with his dad in his fantasy and lets him know that he was harmed. Oruj’s dad tells the way in which they caught Lesbos years prior and requests that he recover soon. Khizir and the mariners take out the knights first and afterward the warriors of Sahbaz.

Khizir quickly goes to the port and enters the boat there. Khizir requests that his companions be cautious and starts searching for the boat. Whenever Khizir goes into the room on the boat, he sees Oruj dozing. Khizir says Oruj is as yet alive and asks who restored him. Antuan comes and says he saved Oruj’s life. Antuan then, at that point, starts to tell how he covertly saved Oruj. Khizir asks Antuan for what good reason he did this.

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Antuan says that he was extremely intrigued by what Dervish said and that he did this to take care of his obligation to Oruj. Oruj wakes up and says he will give desire to individuals of Lesbos. Pietro discovers that Oruj is alive and needs to go to Lesbos with the envoys as quickly as time permits. Oruj gets back to the house and converses with his family. Oruj takes his blade back from Ishaq and starts to clarify what Antuan did.

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Antuan says he needs to be companions with Oruj and his family now. Oruj then, at that point, goes to the hotel and starts accusing Sahbaz. Sahin says that Oruj needs more proof. Oruj shoots Sahbaz in the shoulder to show him something new. The agents go to the port to go to Lesbos, however Khizir stops them. Oruj says he will vindicate the dead mariners and kills the agents. Sahbaz requests that his officers seize Meryem.

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Meryem converses with Antuan and requests that he hush up. Antuan says he needs to be straightforward with his companions yet conceals reality with regards to Meryem. Khizir says Meryem is concealing something and requests that she come clean. Meryem misleads Khizir and conceals reality. Dervish gets out whatever Antuan did was correct and requests that he show restraint.

Barbaroslar Episode 18

Firuze says that a boat brimming with fabric will come to Alexandria soon and this will make Huma rich. Firuze requests that Sahbaz stop this boat utilizing Unita. Subsequent to checking the ammo from the Ottoman Empire, Oruj sets out with his siblings. Antuan says he needs to join the conflict and gets on Oruj’s boat. As Unita’s boat is going to assault Huma’s boat, a lady stops them.

This female chief sinks the boat of Unita and goes to Alexandria with the Ottoman boat. Fighters and individuals in Lesbos make a move to protect the island. Pietro arranges all boats to burn down the city. Turkish fighters understand that it is difficult to protect the port and retreat to the city until Oruj shows up. Oruj and Piri begin to ponder how to move beyond the watch ships around the island.

In the interim, Khizir’s arrangement works, and Christian boats start to detonate. While Meryem is conversing with a young lady on the lookout, Sahbaz’s men hijack her. Huma goes to the port and gratitude to the one who saved the boat. A brief time frame later, Sahbaz comes and tells that this lady is his sister Sahsene. Pietro’s warriors go to the island and begin killing everybody. Oruj secures his boat in the south of the island, yet Conrad’s troopers assault him. Conrad and Gladius attempt to change individuals’ religion. After Oruj kills the knights, he goes to the city and assaults Conrad.

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