Barbaroslar Episode 16 English & Urdu Subtitles Free


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Barbaroslar Episode 16 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Episode 16 English & Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Friends, of course you all will be fine. Korolosh Usman is about to air after a long wait. For the last 20 days, the Pakistani people have been getting so bored that all the Turkish dramas Gunduz have been delayed.

If Usman and Dastan didn’t come, then the episode of Barbarossa and Alp Arsalan didn’t come either. At first glance we did not see the form of the trailer, Korolush Usman has released the trailer 2 days ago and everyone was shocked to see this trailer.

Barbaroslar Episode 16 Urdu Subtitles

In this trailer, Usman’s Alps and Usman were shown as prisoners and they were also seen being oppressed. Then there was the clash between Nicola and Koss. Also, as we told you, the Mongols will return for the last time in this series and after that they will leave Anatolia due to differences. So it seemed to happen. Gihatu orders Khan Usman to be deported. Then comes the next opportunity to head to Gunduz Bay, where women seem to be showing their awe.

Barbarossa Episode 16 In Urdu

The next most important and shocking clip was that Wazir Alam stabbed Shah Sultan. Which even Usman Bay grabs with his own hands. But after watching the next scene, all the fans were left to see that Gundoz stabbed his brother Usman. And Wazir Alam Shah was saved by Usman

 Everyone is saying it will be a dream. We will talk about this later in today’s video. Let’s talk about who Gundoz Bey was. How many sons did Gundoz Bay have? Did he die as a traitor? What is being shown in Korolosh Usman is how true and how false

Barbaroslar Episode 16 In English

The eldest son of Gunduz Be Artagharl Ghazi who was born around 1229 or 1233. Ertugrul named him Gunduz after his grandfather or great-grandfather.
Gundoz has always been a strong supporter of his brother Usman and has never challenged his leadership.

He took part in almost every war against Byzantium, after the formation of the new state, Usman gave him control over a large area, where he served the new state, headquartered in Eskiہرehir. Gunduz Bay was martyred in 1302 or 1306. Some historians have written that Gunduz Bay was martyred in 1299.

barbaros episode 16 in urdu subtitles

Gundoz had two sons, Shaheed Aidogdu Bay and Ghazi Timur Bay
Most people only know about Aydoğdu.

Ottoman statesman and a famous warrior, he became known as Alp at an early age. The tomb is in Yeneşehir. There is also an honorary tomb in Sogut outside Ertugrul’s tomb. 

Barbarossa Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles 

Barbaroslar Episode 16 English Subtitles

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