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An interesting serial killer saga, CUTTPUTLLI


An unhinged serial killer who is brutally murdering adolescent schoolgirls is being pursued by a struggling director who has become police officer. Can he catch the killer before he commits another crime?


Numerous dead bodies, inept police, and a shady killer whose motives are equally enigmatic as the killer himself. It’s a well-known tale of a serial murderer narrative that takes place in Kasuali, a tranquil hill town that has been shaken by the brutal killings of young, defenceless girls. The neighbourhood police have little experience or training to handle a case of such mind-numbing brutality and precision because they haven’t dealt with any such horrifying crimes. Here comes Arjan Sethi, a failing director who has been researching serial killers for his unproduced script. He reluctantly accepts a junior position with the Kasuali police department, which denies that a serial killer is hiding out in their community.An interesting serial killer saga, CUTTPUTLLI

So Arjan must put his understanding of the inner workings of a murderer to the test.

This whodunit runs at a steady pace with regular bursts of tension and adrenaline thanks to the actual environment that director Ranjit Tewari and his writer Aseem Arrora create. The movie validates the wordplay in its title, “Cuttputlli,” which you will understand once you’ve seen it. It is a clever remake of the Tamil film Ratsasan, which was inspired on the terrifying actual account of a Russian killer who was found guilty of murdering seven teenage boys in and around the Soviet Union between 1964 and 1985. An interesting serial killer saga, CUTTPUTLLI

This indicates that the source material is highly compelling and immediately piques the interest of lovers of the genre. However, there are occasions when the writing’s obvious ignorance stands out. Because of some of the killer’s obvious warning signs and the predictability of his next move, the audience frequently appears to outwit the detectives. The battle of Akshay Kumar to be taken seriously by his superiors comes through as genuine, and the actor goes to great lengths to portray a 36-year-old bachelor in the role. He’s back in his outfit, but this time, he looks much more subdued than his often flamboyant self. An interesting serial killer saga, CUTTPUTLLI

The role of Arjan’s wise brother-in-law is well-cast with Chandrachur Singh.

A great background score is essential for a crime thriller. a plot twist that doesn’t detract from the story but increases the tension. “Cuttputlli” does admirably in that regard. Despite the heinous depravity of the murders, the action is natural and the blood and gore are kept to a minimum. Although Chandan Arora’s editing is sharp, you can’t help but be impatient for the big surprise at the end.

The setting of “Cuttputlli” in an unremarkable hill town, which is cold and damp, perfectly captures the creepy atmosphere of a campy whodunit. Keeping in mind the sensibilities of its intended audience, it depicts a serial killer’s psychopathic escapades in all of their extremities. An interesting serial killer saga, CUTTPUTLLI

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An interesting serial killer saga, CUTTPUTLLI

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