Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023

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The number of online content creators in the country has grown significantly and YouTube is still one of the go-to platforms for bloggers and influencers. In this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 Pakistani YouTubers of 2023, who are known for creating quality content.

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023

There are a large number of YouTubers and content creators in Pakistan who are known for producing some quality and informative content without promoting negativity, obscenity or hate. Moreover, these content creators are not just YouTubers and many of them have huge followings on other social media platforms.

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023

Following are some of the most popular YouTubers in Pakistan:

  1. Salman Nauman (11.8 million subscribers)
  2. Ejaz Ansari Food Secrets (5.04 million subscribers)
  3. Dickie Bhai (4.5 million subscribers)
  4. Cooking with Amina (4.3 million subscribers)
  5. FoodFusion (4.19 million subscribers)
  6. P 4 Pakao (3.93 million subscribers)
  7. Village Food Secrets (3.85 million subscribers)
  8. Baba Food RRC (3.78 million subscribers)
  9. Qasim Ali Shah (3.56 million users)
  10. Moaz Safdar World (3.01 million subscribers)

1. Salman Nauman

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Salman Nouman

Salman Nauman is one of the most popular YouTubers in Pakistan and has 11.8 million views at the time of writing this post. He moved to YouTube after gaining immense popularity through his short form videos on TikTok.

2. Ejaz Ansari Food Secrets

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Ejaz Ansari Food Secrets

The second person in the list of top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023 is Ijaz Ansari for his YouTube channel named ‘Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets’, where he uploads regular food videos with some delicious recipes.

The YouTuber created his channel in 2019 and now has over 5.04 million subscribers.

3. Dickie Brother

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Brother Dicky

Saadur Rehman, better known by his social media alias Dicky Bhai, is a very popular YouTuber, who rose to fame by creating roasting videos on the platform. However, the YouTuber has evolved from roasting others on a regular basis and now uploads vlogs about this daily life.

Dicky Bhai has more than 4.5 million subscribers on the video streaming platform.

4. Kitchen with Amina

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Kitchen with Amina

The channel is owned by a master chef named Amina, who used her amazing cooking skills to become the first Pakistani female YouTuber to have 4.3 million followers.

As the name suggests, all of Amna’s videos are related to cooking and the kitchen. However, the culinary expert did not limit his expertise to Pakistani cuisine. ‘Kitchen with Amna’ features recipes from around the world including Indian, Italian, Chinese and more.

5. Food fusion

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Food fusion

Food Fusion is another cooking giant that has made the list of top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023 with 4.19 million followers on the platform. The channel shares recipes for a variety of foods, however, the videos are mostly short in length without the full process.

However, the cooking instructions for each recipe are listed in their description which adds to the convenience of the visitors.

6. Cook P4

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Cook P4

Nader Ali needs no introduction, who is best known for his YouTube channel P4 Pakao, where he regularly uploads prank videos. The YouTuber has gained over 3.93 million followers since starting his YouTube journey in 2016.

7. Village food secrets

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Village Food Secrets

Pakistanis are real foodies and this is evident from the list of top 10 Pakistani YouTubers, which consists mostly of food channels. Village Food Secrets is another addition to the list with 3.85 million subscribers and the channel is popular for uploading delicious recipes on the video streaming platform.

8. Baba Food RRC

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Baba Food RRC

Here is another food channel that lists with 3.78 million subscribers on YouTube. The YouTube channel is run by Ramesh Rizwan Chaudhary, who makes videos of traditional food recipes as well as healthy food and dessert recipes.

9. Qasim Ali Shah

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Qasim Ali Shah

Pakistan’s renowned author and motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah has amassed 3.56 million subscribers on his YouTube channel of the same name, thanks to his heart-warming and heartwarming motivational videos.

Qasim Ali Shah is a chemical engineer, corporate trainer, social activist and motivational speaker, committed to serving the country and humanity. Qasim’s videos are based on life lessons, friendly advice and counseling sessions that encourage listeners to think optimistically.

10. Muaz Safdar World

Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023
Moaz Safdar World

Muaz Safdar is a famous Pakistani YouTuber who uploads vlogs daily on his YouTube channel. Additionally, YouTube, which just launched a YouTube channel in 2020, has managed to gain 3.01 million subscribers on the platform.

This was the list of top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2023 based on our own research. So, if we miss someone who deserves to be in the list, please mention them in the comments below and we will update the post accordingly.

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