Maria Wasti talks about her viral photos.

Maria Wasti talks about her viral photos.

Maria Wasti is a wonderful Pakistani television actress. She has performed in many hit television serials. He also worked in India. His popular plays are Kilo, Niand, Buta Toba Tek Singh, Aashiana and Bad Awrat. His dramas Ashiana and Kulu brought him fame and popularity. His on-screen chemistry with Saleem Sheikh and Kashif Mehmood was loved by fans.

Recently Maria Wasti appeared on Nader Ali’s podcast where she talked about her leaked photos that went viral. Talking about the controversy over her photos, Maria Wasti said, ‘Now I can’t even go to the beach, these were our personal photos, it happened years ago when no one knew about the privacy settings and those photos were leaked. were Guys it happens that your friends list is the one that leaks pictures, well it is still happening in Pakistan that people like to leak audios and videos of people, and sadly we have such clothes. Because this life is over and we have a choice of what to wear and what not to wear.

Well, Ayesha Omar and Maria Wasti’s vacation pictures from Thailand were leaked by their close friends.

Maria Wasti talks about her viral photos.


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