Kurulus Osman Episode 117 With English, Urdu Subtitles


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Kurulus Osman Episode 117 (Season 4 Episode 19) With English, Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 116 Summary And synopsis

In episode 117 of Kurulus Osman, Ismihan says that he must immediately go to his mansion and accept Nayman’s wishes. Some Bey say it’s impossible to give Neyman the money he wants. Ismihan said the Seljuks would solve the problem and asked the Bey family to send a message to their tribe. Osman asks Konur to find a caravan route in gold. Karesi continues to complain that it is very difficult for Nayman to prepare the amount of gold he wants. Click here to watch and download ad-free episodes in HD quality

Neiman wants something to eat and goes to Osman’s tent. Olof soon came and said he wanted Frigg back. Osman takes action to kill Olof, but Neiman stops everyone. Neiman asks Olof to return to the castle and enters the tent with Osman. Octem learns that Frigg has been caught and begins to resent his wife. Bengi calms her husband down and says Frigg never speaks. Octem warns the castle soldiers.

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Neiman asks Shaman to prepare medicine to help Osman. Osman gets Orhan out of bed and takes him to the shaman. Malhun doesn’t like this decision, but Osman reassures him. Abdul examines the medicine prepared by the shaman and says it might work. When Bara asks Frigg more questions, she learns that the shaman is preparing a potion.

Neiman says a treasure chest full of gold is coming soon. Osman says the Mongols don’t know these lands very well, so defeating the Mongols won’t be difficult. Noticing that his son was doing well, Osman asked Neiman to stay with the tribe that night. Osman then speaks with Orhan and invites Sheikh to join the tribe. When Selktai learns that Frigg has been captured, he asks the priest for help. 

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Osman I or Osman Ghazi (Ottoman Turkish: Romaji notation:ʿOsmanĠāzī; Turkish: Osman or Osmangazi; died 1323/4) [1] [3] Sometimes archaically written Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire (originally Osman he was known as Beylik or Emirate) was. Osman was a small Turkmen [6] principality during his lifetime, but his descendants turned into a world empire centuries after his death [7]. It existed until shortly after the end of World War I.


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