Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan on 1 February 2023


Honda motorcycle prices in Pakistan have been increased by Rs. 30,000 depending on the model starting from February 1, 2023. Honda Motorcycle / Bike price increase in Pakistan includes Honda CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Pridor, CG 125, CG 125SE, CB 125F, CB 150F, and CBF05 models. .Latest Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan 0n 1 February 2023

Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan on 1 February 2023

It is worth noting that Atlas Honda had hiked the prices of its motorcycles eight times in Pakistan last year and while this is the first price hike the company has announced this year, we expect many more due to this. Expect prices to come up. Deteriorating economic conditions and currency depreciation (USD to PKR).

Atlas Honda cannot be held responsible for the steep rise in its motorcycle prices in Pakistan as the automotive sector faces rising costs due to dwindling foreign exchange reserves and restrictions on LCs to do business. Struggling hard.

According to the notification, the price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan has been increased by 10 rupees. 7,400, from the previous price of Rs.128,900, bringing the new rate to Rs. 121,500 Similarly, the company has increased the price of CD 70 Dream by Rs. The price of the bike starts from Rs.8,000. 129,900 to Rs 137,900

Moreover, the price of Honda Pridor 100 has been increased by Rs. 9,000 from the previous price of Rs. 161,900 at the new rate of Rs. Rs 170,900 Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan has also seen an increase of Rs. 5,600 from the previous rate of Rs. 185,900 from the new price of Rs. 194,900 Additionally, the price of the Honda CG 125 SE has been increased from Rs. 219,500 to Rs.230,900 after a steep increase of Rs. 11,400

There has also been a huge increase in Rs. Honda CB 125F is bringing in a new price of Rs.20,000. 303,900 from the previous price of Rs. 283,900 the company has also increased the price of the Honda CB150F (Silver) by Rs. 30,000, bringing the new price from the old price of Rs.387,900. 357,900, while the price of the Honda CB 150F (Red/Black) has seen an increase of Rs. 30,000 as well, from the old rate of Rs.383,900, bringing the new price to Rs. 353,900

Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan on 1 February 2023

ModelOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Honda CD70Rs 121,500Rs 128,900Rs.7,00
Honda CD70 DreamRs 129,900Rs 137,900Rs 8,000
Honda Pride 100Rs 161,900Rs 170,900Rs 9,000
Honda CG125Rs 185,900Rs 194,900Rs.5,600
Honda CG 125S-SERs 219,500Rs 230,900Rs 11,400
Honda CB125FRs 283,900Rs 303,900Rs.22,000
Honda CB 150F (Red, Black)Rs 353,900Rs 383,900Rs.30,000
Honda CB 150F (Silver)Rs 357,900Rs 387,900Rs.30,000
Prices starting from 1 February 2023.

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