Dubai Today’s gold rate (Gold Price Dubai) On 30 April 2023

Dubai Today's gold rate (Gold Price Dubai) On 26 March 2023

Dubai Today’s gold rate (Gold Price Dubai) On 30 April 2023, remained stable with 24K gold rate at AED 234.00 per gram and 22K gold rate at AED 214.50 per gram. The gold rate per tola in Dubai is AED 2,725.40 for 24K and AED 2,503.26 for 22K. The Dubai gold market is one of the largest and most popular in the world, attracting buyers from all over the globe. Visitors to Dubai can explore the famous Dubai Gold Souk, which is known for its wide variety of gold jewelry, ranging from traditional to modern designs. Gold price fluctuations in Dubai are closely monitored by investors and traders, and daily updates on gold rates in Dubai can be found online or through local newspapers.

Dubai Today’s gold rate (Gold Price Dubai) On April 30, 2023

Similarly, the price of 24 carat gold per tiger in Dubai is AED 2360.00, while the price of 22 carat gold per tiger is AED 2601.03.

Please note that the price of gold in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates is constantly changing, so the posts may contain some discrepancies. but United Arab Emirates We do our best to update this post daily with the latest live gold prices in the Dubai precious metals market.

Today Gold Rate in Dubai UAE (Gold Rate Dubai) On 30 April 2023

Gold UnitGold Rate in AED
Gold 24K per 10 Grams2400.00
Gold 22K per 10 Grams2222.50
Gold 24K per Tola2799.31
Gold 22K per Tola2592.28

According to the latest update on 30 April 2023, the gold rate in Dubai for 24K gold per 10 grams is AED 2400.00, while for 22K gold per 10 grams, it is AED 2222.50. The price of gold per tola for 24K is AED 2799.31 and for 22K it is AED 2592.28. The gold market in Dubai is renowned for its quality and variety, with gold being one of the most sought-after commodities in the emirate.

The high demand for gold has led to the establishment of many gold shops and jewelry stores across the city, making it a hub for gold buyers and traders. Dubai’s gold market is also known for its competitive prices, making it an attractive destination for those looking to invest in gold. The fluctuation in gold prices in Dubai is closely monitored by investors and traders around the world, and daily updates on gold rates are provided by several online platforms and local newspapers. With its thriving gold market and attractive prices, Dubai has become a top destination for gold buyers and traders alike.

Please note that quoted prices are for basic information only and should not be relied upon for trading purposes. For the most accurate prices please contact the precious metals market which provides the latest rates.  

For more accurate gold prices according to your city market, please contact your local gold dealer/jeweler. 

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