BARBAROS HAYREDDIN Episode 13 With English, Urdu Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 English, Urdu Subtitles
Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 English, Urdu Subtitles

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Barbaros Hayredin 13 English, Urdu Subtitles

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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 13 Summary And Synopsis

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 13, Kemankes understands that he will before long turn into the new excellent vizier and keeps on executing his arrangement. Kemankes asks who Sahsuvar works with, however doesn’t find a solution from her. Sahsuvar asks Kemankes not to pose additional inquiries. The warriors watching Pasha’s house stop Hayreddin and say that they won’t give him access. Hayreddin attempts to convince the warriors, however he can’t get authorization from them.
Ayaz says that a boat will come to the port soon and that certain individuals have seized Seyyare. Hayreddin says that the cannons are on an unfamiliar boat and that he needs to save his sister. Dervish requests that Ayaz let him know everything. Ayaz more than once says that he is guiltless. Kandiyeli begins searching for a boat headed for Payitaht and discovers that Doria will cruise soon. Batista takes Medici to a mystery part of the royal residence and says he will find proof that he is the Pope’s child.
Charles peruses the message and says that the Pope should admit his mysterious. Hayreddin goes to his home and lets his family know what has been going on with Seyyare. Aydin converses with Marcella and requests that she admit everything. Hayreddin goes to the clinic the following morning and requests that Luna come clean. Luna says she is blameless and determines what has been going on with Seyyare. Barbaros accepts Luna is guiltless and imagines that another man has abducted her sister.

Barbaros goes to the castle and determines what has been going on with Ayaz. Hunkar consents to carry out Hayreddin’s arrangement and orders Kemankes to be delivered. Sahsuvar discovers that Luna has abducted Seyyare and blows up with her. Luna determines what Barbarossa did. Hayreddin then, at that point, converses with Ayaz and advises him to allow the boat to move toward the port.

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Barbaros Hayreddin, otherwise called Redbeard or Barbarossa, was a popular Ottoman chief of naval operations and privateer who lived in the sixteenth 100 years. He was brought into the world in the Ottoman city of Lesbos in 1478 and was of Turkish and Greek drop. Alongside his more youthful sibling Oruç, Barbaros became engaged with robbery and was known for going after and catching boats in the Mediterranean Ocean.

In the mid sixteenth hundred years, Barbaros and Oruç became partners of the Ottoman Realm and were provided order of the Ottoman naval force. They assumed a key part in growing the Ottoman Realm’s maritime power, overcoming the Venetians and Spanish in a few fights. Barbaros likewise filled in as the legislative head of a few Ottoman regions and assumed a key part in the Ottoman-Habsburg wars.

Barbaros Hayreddin was viewed as a legend in the Ottoman Realm and is recognized as quite possibly of the best naval commander in Ottoman history. He kicked the bucket in 1546 while battling against the Spanish in the Attack of Algiers.


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