AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 29 English, Urdu Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 49 With English, Urdu Subtitles

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AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 29 English, Urdu Subtitles

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AlpArslan Episode Summary And Synopsis

Mexico is one of the largest and most important countries of the modern era as of 2023 more than 128 million people live within the country making Mexico one of the top 10 largest countries in the world by population right in between Japan and Russia but these 128 million people who call Mexico home today all live within a rather unequal pattern that might appear strange at first but makes perfect sense with the proper context and explanation you see slightly more than half of Mexico’s population some 66 million people all live within just this concentrated and narrow strip that runs roughly across the center of the country this strip represents only 18 percent of Mexico’s total available land and yet there are more Mexicans ,AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28

who live within it than outside of it in the remaining 82 percent of the country this means that on average the density of people who live within this strip is roughly five times greater than in the vast majority of Mexico’s land that exists Beyond it to the North and the South and the Really fascinating thing is that this range uneven seeming pattern of where people live in Mexico has remained more or less constant going back at least centuries and more likely Millennia nearly 130 years ago now back in 1895 Mexico conducted a nationwide census that revealed the population back ,AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28

then was only about 12.7 million people or in other words 10 times fewer people than exist in Mexico today nonetheless the pattern aware those Mexicans of 130 years ago lived was statistically very similar to where they live in the present roughly 55 percent of them live within the same strip of high density as today while 45 of them lived in the 82 percent of Mexico’s land Beyond it fast forward almost 130 years later with 10 times as many people and vastly Superior technology and the pattern of where Mexicans live in their country remains more or less the same and this is fascinating because it’s precisely the opposite of ,AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28

what happened just to the north of Mexico in the United States back in 1995 the American population stood at around 76 million people and the top 10 largest cities were these ones while the top 10 most populous states were all of these highlighted ones correspondingly the geographical center of the American population at that time was located around here in Eastern Indiana but the following 130 years till the present in the 2020s saw the enormous expansion of American populations both westwards and southwards through the country to the point where today only three of the top 10 largest American cities in 1895 still remain on

the same list today while four of the top 10 most populous states in 1895 have fallen out and gotten replaced entirely by western and southern states as recently as 1895 Florida’s population was fewer than Connecticut Texas was fewer than Missouri while California’s was even fewer than Mississippi all three are the top three most populous states now in the 2020s After experiencing massive growth rates and expand ending their populations dozens of times over since the turn of the 20th century and correspondingly the geographic center of the American population has shifted nearly 400 miles to the southwest and Central Missouri from where it had been in Eastern Indiana over the past 130 years ,AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28

the American population expanded roughly four times and the pattern of where they geographically lived evolved dramatically while in Mexico the population expanded roughly 10 times over the same time period but the pattern of where they lived geographically remained proportionally more or less consistent all throughout to the present so what gives why over centuries of time have most Mexicans continually lived within just a small area representing less than a fifth of the country’s available land the answer as it often does lies in the harsh realities of Mexico’s geography and the limitations those realities curse the country with let’s begin by looking at Mexico from a bit of a different perspective these are the various different climate zones that can be found across the country note that the small strip

that’s always contained the majority of Mexico’s population corresponds nearly exactly with this narrow climate band of subtropical Highlands that runs across the same area this temperate climate band exists in a sort of perfect Goldilocks zone across the center of Mexico all of the land to the north of it is dominated by arid and hot desert bios where performing large-scale agriculture without industrialized irrigation is nearly impossible severely limiting the amount of food that can be grown to sustain a larger population and at the same time nearly all the way land in Mexico to the south of this Goldilocks temperate zone is dense rainforest or jungle biomes which is one of the most absolutely difficult kinds of biomes to develop civilization

within for all kinds of reasons even for 21st century industrialized civilizations jungles and rainforests proved difficult to overcome because building infrastructure through them is a significant challenge it obviously rains a lot in these biomes and that makes things like drying concrete for your roads or foundations rather difficult asphalt is in a much better material to use either because excessive heat which is often the norm for these kinds of environments causes the asphalt to soften and deform when placed under heavy enough loads therefore building paved roads through jungles and rainforests is simply

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 29 English

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Alp Arslan was the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and great-grandson of Seljuk, the eponymous founder of the dynasty. He greatly expanded the Seljuk territory and consolidated his power, defeating rivals to the south and northwest, and his victory over the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert, in 1071, ushered in the Turkoman settlement of Anatolia.[2] For his military prowess and fighting skills, he obtained the name Alp Arslan, which means “Heroic Lion” in Turkish.


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